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Mission ConneXion convenes Connexion Training Events throughout the year to help people deeply engage in key areas of ministry and mission. Each Connexion training event is tightly focused and intensely practical to enable people to gain resources to be more effective in service. Connexion training events are held in partnership with local ministries, mission organizations and churches.

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Bill MacLeod Bio

bill macleod, mission connexion, executive directorBill MacLeod is the Executive Director of Mission ConneXion which he founded in 2001 during his fifteen years as a missions pastor in Portland.  He has been a mobilizer for over 30 years dedicating his life to city-wide people movements while serving in an evangelistic organization, a national men’s movement, a local church as missions pastor, and as founder/director of a regional church-missions-mobilizing effort.

From the Blog

Why Leadership Connexion?

Why Leadership ConneXion?

By Greg Strannigan, Pastor of Local and Global Outreach, Abundant Life Church, Damascus, ORgreg-strannigan-mission-connexion

As a Missions Pastor, I’ve found Leadership ConneXion to be a valuable resource, both professionally and personally.

Mission ConneXion Northwest is great for a 30,000 foot view of missions.  Worship, inspiring messages, networking and practical workshops all provide synergy to mobilize people for the Great Commission.

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Caring for Syrian Refugees – Holistically

Caring for Syrian Refugees – Holistically

As churches in the Northwest prepare for the arrival of Syrian refugees, we want to remember our brothers and sisters in the Near East who are serving tens of thousands of refugees on a daily basis. 

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Who is My Neighbor?

Steve Moore

Who is My Neighbor?

By Bill MacLeod

Who is my neighbor?

Our neighbor is no longer the person who lives next door.  “Proximity” today has become somewhat of a relative term.  Due to the Internet we are all a lot closer than we think. 

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Two Leaders Without Borders

By Bill MacLeodbill-macleod-mission-connexion-2013

The theme of our January conference this year is “Without Borders.” I’d like to introduce you to two of our plenary speakers who emulate that theme in the way they have chosen to live their lives.

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Connecting the Dots

By Steve McCracken

Steve McCracken Kenya 1Sometimes I’m slow to notice God at work.  On more than a few occasions I have prayed for things yet lacked an alertness to notice God’s answer.  But, there have been times where I heard of a need, prayed about it, and before I knew it, I became part of the solution.  My trip to Eldoret, Kenya last month was a recent example.

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Butterfly at a Chinese Altar

With McKenzie Starrett

For the Starretts, Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW) is a Starrett Family Value. Jay and Marnie Starrett and their two daughters have volunteered with Mission ConneXion in various Mackenzie Starret Mission Connexioncapacities for over a decade. After years of listening to speakers sharing a passion for the lost, Mackenzie Starrett decided it was time she put her own cross-cultural desires into action.

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