Mission Connexion Northwest 2016


leroy barber-sm

Leroy Barber

Global Executive Director: Word Made Flesh

Bob Goff, Mission Connexion

Bob Goff

Founder: Restore International Author: Love Does

Steve Hawthorne, Mission Connexion

Steve Hawthorne

Founder/Director: WayMakers Co-Editor: Perspectives' Course

michael oh (1)

Michael Oh

Executive Director/CEO: Lausane Movement

steve moore

Steve Moore

Leadership Connexion | President MissioNexus


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Training Events

Mission ConneXion convenes Connexion Training Events throughout the year to help people deeply engage in key areas of ministry and mission. Each Connexion training event is tightly focused and intensely practical to enable people to gain resources to be more effective in service. Connexion training events are held in partnership with local ministries, mission organizations and churches.


May 15-16, 2015

The Journey Deepens is coaching designed for people of all ages who believe they are being called into mission.

More information at www.thejourneydeepens.com

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Executive Director

Bill MacLeod Bio

bill macleod, mission connexion, executive directorBill MacLeod is the Executive Director of Mission ConneXion which he founded in 2001 during his fifteen years as a missions pastor in Portland.  He has been a mobilizer for over 30 years dedicating his life to city-wide people movements while serving in an evangelistic organization, a national men’s movement, a local church as missions pastor, and as founder/director of a regional church-missions-mobilizing effort.

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The Journey Deepens

May 15-16, 2015

Central Bible Church

8815 NE Glisan Street

Portland, Oregon 97220

  • For all who are asking “What is my next step?” towards missionary service.
  • A weekend of training and fellowship led by experienced, cross-cultural missionaries.
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So Much Broader and Deeper

Steve Lee, Senior Minister

Steve Lee

Suburban Christian Church, Corvallis

Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW) has helped our congregation see that missions is more than just the individual missionaries and mission organizations that our church knows and supports. God’s work is so much broader and deeper than what we can directly touch… and MCNW gives us a better look into that breadth and depth.

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ConneXion Leads to Major Crossroad

By Ginny Jenson

WorldVenture Mobilizer

Ginny Jenson WorldVenture  One of the things I appreciate about Mission Connexion is that it is not just once a year. The main conference is supplemented by smaller conferences focused on specific areas during the year. Care Connexion is one I have been able to attend for several years. Each year I gain new insights and a broader network of those concerned about, and involved in missionary care. Whether it is someone from a church, agency, school, or professional care center, the opportunity to learn together and from each other makes this a valuable weekend.

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At Work Already…

By Bill MacLeod

As we move forward with plans for our 2016 Mission ConneXion Northwest event, January 15-16, 2016, we are constantly reminded of just how much God is at work already in the planning process.

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Three Essential Reasons I’m Involved!

By Pastor Steve Rouse

Gospel Fellowship Community Church

Gladstone, Ore

Steve RousseJust over ten years ago, a good friend invited me to my first Mission ConneXion Northwest Steering Team meeting.  Before that, I had attended one Mission ConneXion event but knew little about the organization, its purpose, or the benefit it provides to the local church.  Since that day, I continue to attend the monthly steering meetings and continue to enjoy seeing what God is doing in missions locally and around the world.  From a pastor’s perspective, here are three reasons why Mission ConneXion is essential to the local church:

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Bringing Encouragement to/from Alaska!

By MarJean Peters

Peter 1 What a wonderful place to connect with so many people interested in making the name of our Lord known to the whole world—Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW) 2015 Conference! I felt a bit intimidated at first even by the thought of so many people in one place all weekend. However, I had the chance to represent a mission agency with whom I work and in whose mission I strongly believe.

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