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Mission ConneXion convenes Connexion Training Events throughout the year to help people deeply engage in key areas of ministry and mission. Each Connexion training event is tightly focused and intensely practical to enable people to gain resources to be more effective in service. Connexion training events are held in partnership with local ministries, mission organizations and churches.

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Bill MacLeod Bio

bill macleod, mission connexion, executive directorBill MacLeod is the Executive Director of Mission ConneXion which he founded in 2001 during his fifteen years as a missions pastor in Portland.  He has been a mobilizer for over 30 years dedicating his life to city-wide people movements while serving in an evangelistic organization, a national men’s movement, a local church as missions pastor, and as founder/director of a regional church-missions-mobilizing effort.

From the Blog

Tapping Into a Mission Goldmine

By Orin Kidd, Grace Bible Fellowship, Tangent, Ore.

I first came in contact with Mission ConneXion back in 2001, when it was still called Mission Fest Northwest. My wife, Rosa, and I had just returned to the United States following 23 years of service in West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Indonesia. I was at a meeting at Multnomah School of the Bible when I heard about a group of men and women from all walks of life that were planning a major mission conference for churches in the Pacific Northwest.

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A Matter of Perspective

By Bill MacLeod

Last night, I taught my first “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” class of the year.

bill-macleod-mission-connexion-2013As I drove to the class, I thought of the first time that I took the 15-week Perspectives course, twenty years ago. At that time, I was a newly-appointed missions pastor. I had studied and earned undergrad and grad degrees from solid, nationally-recognized Biblical institutions. But, what I encountered in those 15 weeks in the Perspectives course surpassed anything I had experienced before.

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A Shot in the Arm

By Brenda Smith.

Our small country church in Onalaska, Washington has been sending groups of people to the Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW) conference consistently for at least 10 years.  When thinking
about why we are willing to travel close to two hours to attend Mission ConneXion every year, I appreciated anew the rich opportunity this conference offers.  After all, where else could we expose our members, young and mature, to the vast amount of information available about fulfilling Christ’s directive to make disciples of all nations in both local ministry and foreign lands?DSC04342 

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Matching Appeal Letter

By Bill Macleod.

Dear Friend,

Summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is a time of joy and wonder for many.bill-macleod-mission-connexion-2013

But, for Mission ConneXion, it is a difficult time. Our financial responsibilities continue throughout the summer but our support decreases as people go on vacation and focus on their summer activities.

That’s why I’m writing you today.

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