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Rolling Hills Community Church

3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062

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Training Events

Mission ConneXion convenes ConneXion Training Events throughout the year to help people deeply engage in key areas of ministry and mission. Each ConneXion training event is tightly focused and intensely practical so people can gain resources to be more effective in service. ConneXion training events are held in partnership with local ministries, mission organizations and churches.

MC-short term misison

February 17-18

March 31-April 1

June 2-3

November 3-4

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Executive Director

Bill MacLeod Bio

bill macleod, mission connexion, executive directorBill MacLeod is the Executive Director of Mission ConneXion which he founded in 2001 during his fifteen years as a missions pastor in Portland.  He has been a mobilizer for over 30 years dedicating his life to city-wide people movements while serving in an evangelistic organization, a national men’s movement, a local church as missions pastor, and as founder/director of a regional church-missions-mobilizing effort.

From the Blog

How To Pray for Missionaries

Pray for Open Doors (Colossains 4:2-3)

Pray that God will open doors of ministry, blessing partnerships and friendships.
Pray that those who serve will be led by the Holy Spirit and recognize open-door opportunities.
Pray that God will lead His people past barriers to hearts ready to receive his Word.

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Mountainside Prayers: Change Their Story

Written by Meaghan Hartman

Mountains have stories. They overlook cities and towns; they see war, destruction and reconstruction.  Some testify to huge cataclysmic events — a volcanic eruption or a flood halted by the mountain’s base. Mountains create natural borders for nations and peoples; they cause disruption in travelling, expansion and exploring.  For centuries, mountains have seen it all. They have stories to tell.

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What Your Missionary Won’t Admit

bill macleod, mission connexion, executive directorBy Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

With the return of summer also comes the return of your church’s missionaries. Some may need housing and a vehicle. Others who have been away longer, or in a difficult field assignment, may need to debrief in a more intentional way with the help of a caring, neutral environment like Link Care, or get some much-needed cultural training through WorldView. For many who have close relationships in your church, it will be a much-anticipated reunion with friends, families, and supporters.

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Gulp! Now, I’m #theprayerguy!

By Doug Hazen
National Director for Mobilization Prayer, WorldVenture

Doug HazenI’ll probably never get over it.  I was in a room with my WorldVenture colleagues, discussing new strategies for helping people get on board with God’s work in the world.  We listed a couple of ideas and then God nudged me.  “Why don’t you just use my strategy… “Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into His harvest?”  I mentioned it and we all hung our heads.

Of course!  Prayer is the only true biblical strategy!  My boss pointed to me and essentially said, “Your role with WorldVenture has just changed.  Make prayer our strategy as an organization.”

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Volunteers – In Their Own Words

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

From its modest beginnings in 2001, every aspect of Mission ConneXion, from prayer and planning, to persuasion and production, has been carried out by volunteers committed to its vision and mission. Volunteers carry the bulk of the hands-on work needed to operate as many as seven separate ConneXion events throughout the year, as well as our signature event in January.

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