January 20th, 2023 • 9-4 PM (PST)

Steve Richardson was raised in Indonesia, where his parents took the gospel to a jungle tribe, a story documented in his father’s missionary classic, Peace Child. Since 1999 Steve has served as President of Pioneers-USA. Pioneers now has approximately 340 teams that are impacting over 500 unreached people groups. The Richardsons have four grown daughters and 11 grandchildren.

It is our privilege to have Steve as our speaker at Leadership ConneXion, Jan 20, 2023. Each attendee will receive a free copy of Steve’s book, “Is the Commission Still Great? 8 Myths About Missions & What They Mean for The Church.” Attendees will wrestle with questions and skepticism about missions that arise from those both outside and inside the church. Is missions an outdated idea? Do missionaries do more harm than good? Are we succeeding or failing? Is it time for global believers to do the job in their own countries with minimal Western involvement? We don’t need to fear questions like these. But we do need to seek—and find—solid, biblical answers.

This event will be hosted at:
Sunset Church • 14986 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR, 97229

This is a conference to empower leaders in the church. The cost of $50 per person provides you with a day full of training, lunch, and a copy of Steve Richardson’s newly released book, Is The Commission Still Great?

The Early Bird Special is $40 if registered before December 1st.
Leadership Connexion Registration

Contact Information:
Name: Shirley Radford
Email: shirleyradford@missionconnexion.com