August 9, 2014

A True Journey Begins

By Sandy True

Ryan Sandy TrueRyan and I attended the Portland “Journey Deepens” conference in March, 2013. It has been quite a journey since the ‘Journey.’ We loved the conference and left excited to work on our goals. Our timeline was to hit the mission field in summer of ’14. Finding an agency/ministry to work with proved to be a lot harder than we’d thought. We’d contact ministries, and they would each want us to fill out five or so different applications and then plug us into some kind of ‘job.’ We even took the time to travel across the country to a ministry, but were very deflated when they offered us a ‘management’ position (not what God had called us to). Overall, after contacting over 25 ministries, we started to wonder whether this was really God’s call for us.

After much prayer and a ‘grass roots’ campaign where we directly contacted the actual missionaries in the field and worked our way up (opposite of what we were used to with our military background) God orchestrated something fantastic. We did a site-visit to Manna Global Ministries in the Dominican Republic last month and felt it was the perfect fit. What we really loved is what they asked first: What has God put on your heart? This was actually the first time a ministry has asked us this!

This August our family will be heading to Rio San Juan, DR, where Ryan and I will be running a community center for pretty marginalized kids. Sports, VBS, fun, and lots of love! We can’t wait! Thanks for getting us started on the journey!

Sandy True