August 9, 2014

Begin Your Journey… in August!

Bill MacLeod, Executive Director, Mission ConneXion

2sailing to the sunrise-500x375Recently a businessman, whom I have been getting better acquainted with, confided in me that he has been quite involved in his local church for years and has been fairly fulfilled, but when he attended Mission ConneXion a few years ago, he discovered so many more options and avenues for service – locally and cross-culturally. So much so, that he could not believe he’d never been introduced to this resource before. Since then, the Lord has had him on a journey of discovery. He is still in process of “hearing” and “seeing” where that journey is leading him but has become more convinced than ever of God’s leading in the process.

Whether we identify with my friend or not, when JESUS is in the driver’s seat of our lives (and sometimes even when He isn’t!), life becomes a daily adventure of self-discovery. Currently, as I write this, we are still on a journey to discover a venue for our January 16-17, 2015 annual, signature event!
This month as summer recedes and we prepare to return to our routine fall schedules, two Mission ConneXion champions, share the journey they’ve been on as a result of Mission ConneXion. One, a busy pastor of a growing church owns up to the journey he encountered as a result of their participation. The other, Sandy, a wife and mother of two, married to a former military man, shares how their journey fast-forwarded them to God’s destination, after attending The Journey Deepens (get information about the event) last year…a significant ConneXion event that helps attendees “self-discover” where the Lord may be directing them.

You may be like my businessman friend who is actively pursuing the Lord’s journey for him and his wife as God unfolds it. However, you may be more like Sandy and her husband Ryan, who found that their journey accelerated as a result of their attending The Journey Deepens ConneXion event. Indeed, as you read this…they are seizing what they had been yearning years for!

This August, you can certainly contribute toward our Matching Funds effort (click here to donate) which will help fund all our ConneXion events this Fall, and/or you can register to attend our 4th “Journey” event at: (Register today) **We are facing a summer deadline, so if you desire to attend September 12-14, we’d like you to register by this weekend if at all possible.

Here’s to your journey, and I love the way a recently-read Chinese proverb puts it:”To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping“!!