October 8, 2014

Willing to Serve? Seriously?

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

dave-colemanYears ago while working on a city-wide effort in a foreign city I had a colleague who was invited to join our team because others observed how faithfully he had carried out the most menial tasks without complaining when his supervisor had asked him to do so.  He once told me something, tongue-in-cheek, that I have never forgotten: “Everybody wants to be a servant until he is treated like one!”

Jesus tells His disciples in John 12:26: “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me”. When we follow Jesus, and He is our focus, we will also experience His blessing, whether or not, as my friend pointed out, we are necessarily ever treated well by those around us.  It also reminds us that we can serve Jesus both from the “Top Down” as well as from the “Bottom Up”.

Over the next month, two ConneXion events will help “Servants-in-Training” from both ends of the spectrum, by two leaders who have modeled servant-leadership for many years themselves:

Support ConneXion (October 17-18), is designed for those servant-leaders who are called to ministries realizing they need to become more effective in raising the financial support, and partners necessary to run those ministries.  Scott Morton, International Fund-Raising Coach for The Navigators, and author of “Funding Your Ministry (Whether You’re Gifted or Not)” will help you so that by the end of this event you will have a plan and place and the informational resources that you need to work toward full funding.  To Register Now go to: http://missionconnexion.com/support-connexion


Board Governance ConneXion (November 7-8) is designed for those servant-leaders who already are, or desire to serve on a mission or non-profit board of directors.  Dave Coleman, President of BoardTrek Nonprofit Consulting, a non-profit board consulting group, and author of “Board Essentials (12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards)” will lead our time together. Having evaluated hundreds of non-profit organizations applying to the Murdock Trust for grants and written on the subject himself, Dave will lead us through exercises that make for best practices ingovernance.  To Register Now go to: http://sslpayments.net/ssltrans/missionconnexion/bgc

Are you willing to serve?  Seriously? No matter how you are treated, you will find the greatest fulfillment following the Lord, serving Him where He is leading you…and these training opportunities can help!