November 7, 2014

Simply… Thank You

Simply…Thank You

bill-macleod-mission-connexion-2013The world is moved along not by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but by the aggregate, tiny pushes of each honest worker.”  ​Helen Keller

I’ve always loved that quote by Helen Keller, and especially what precedes it: “ “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were noble.”  Whatever is being accomplished through Mission ConneXion is being carried out by you who are fulfilling humble tasks that are truly gallant.  The real nobles in our book of volunteers include:

  • Kahana Wood, who with her committed team of Carolyn McQuaw and Brian Hoffart carefully developed and refined our church database.  Not surprisingly, a nearly 30% increase in church support has followed!
  • Jesse Califf created a new and improved EPIC Website ( along with Dan Schrenk who initiated the electronic ‘migration’ process.
  • Jill Hartzell, our tireless bookkeeper has become more of a chief operations officer as we have seen our reach expand, even as she runs her own international ministry (see accompanying article!)

We also applaud the year-round efforts of our Mission ConneXion Northwest Steering Team who coordinate Workshops, Exhibitors, Logistics, and Volunteers for our January event; leaders planning “ConneXion” Events, and our ‘fully-invested’ Board made up of: Greg Stamm, Greg Burch, Holley Clough,  Bob Ervin, Ed Dressel, CJ Coffee, and Steve Rouse.

Finally, I am very mindful that on Nov. 1, 2009, when I became Mission ConneXion’s first, full-time paid, Founder/Executive Director, we had no infrastructure for a salaried employee.  However, in these five years, the Lord has provided through you, who believe in Mission ConneXion.  Not once have we missed a paycheck – to God be the praise!  It continues to be the most challenging yet rewarding “calling” in my life.  Additionally, Luis and Kevin Palau have made it possible for me to keep my office in the International Headquarters of the Luis Palau Association, and I could not be more grateful for their provision, and the increasing collaboration and “connexions” associated with that.

For all of these tiny pushes that keep Mission ConneXion viable, and more, we say: “Simply…Thank You!”



Dan Schrenk


Jill Hartzell


Kevin Palau


Luis Palau


Jesse Califf