January 6, 2015

Equipping from Excellence!

By Craig Hall

Pastor of Missions and Youth, Family Church, Sutherlin, Oregon

Craig Hall Mission Connexion


For the past 6 years I have been taking cross-cultural teams to Mexico with those from our church body. It was a short-term mission trip that the Lord used to call me into full time ministry as the Youth Pastor at Family Church in Sutherlin, Oregon.  After returning from these short term experiences I then further encourage team members to attend Mission Connexion by way of next steps.  Even high school juniors and seniors are encouraged to go to Mission Connexion so they can consider the types of work and ministry that the Lord may have for them after high school.

Each year I’m impressed with the quality of presentations and organization that goes into planning the annual Mission Connexion event – from the variety of musical worship, to speakers, classes, and diverse presentations. We have seen the fruit of taking people from our church body in witnessing increased commitment to supporting missionaries and mission-related events, as well as, having several people step into full-time mission work globally.

The challenges I face in trying to help people grow spiritually and deepen their heart for missions around the world often revolve around the perceived barriers of time and financial resources. I am so grateful for the financial supporters that make Mission Connexion possible. Because there is no entrance fee, I’m able to encourage everyone in the church to attend, as well as use the event as a tool to stretch those who continue to show an interest in deepening their commitment to the Lord.

In my role as Missions Pastor I’m always on the lookout for effective tools to help develop the leaders and individuals in our church body. Mission Connexion is one such resource that provides a great window into the world of missions; a countless variety of coaching to pique the interest of many diverse people, and offers an annual way to challenge people being called into mission work toward taking the next steps!

Finally, I am impacted by Jesus’ final command that is for all who call Christ their Lord and Savior: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Mathew 28:19.

Mission Connexion is an event that stirs excitement in our church body and keeps us wanting to return – because we can be equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In all this, our Church is honored to financially support Mission ConneXion and I want to thank you who also support this ministry because you’re having a global impact!

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