February 3, 2015

It’s Cheap, Local, and For You!

This spring we have three ConneXion events that are designed to help you, and your friends, be more effective in your natural spheres of influence, and yes, they’re totally for you:MC-muslim

  • Muslim ConneXion, March 6-7,  helps those who have a heart to better understand and reach out to Muslim friends and neighbors, to do it in a way that brings joy, friendship, and Jesus into the conversation.
  • CMC-careare ConneXion, April 17-18, provides resources and practical tools for those who want to be more effective in providing care for missionaries on and off the field, and in whatever stage of pre-, post, or current service those workers are. Watch: http://vimeo.com/110417581
  • The Journey Deepens ConneXion, May 15-16, is coaching designed for people of all ages who believe they are being called into missions.MC-journey

Please register for these training events on our website at: http://missionconnexion.com/#TRAININGEVENTS


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