February 3, 2015

“I Could Totally Do That!”

If you just attended the recent Mission ConneXion Northwest 2015 “Barriers and Breakthroughs” event, you know those attending the many workshops, plenary sessions, and Exhibits were encouraged to follow the call of God on their life, and to support others who have made that commitment.  Many stories are emerging of what the Lord did this year. One story that surfaced actually began 2 years ago – at our 2013 event.I Could totally do that picture

Betsy Rouse, had just returned from a year of serving as a journalist with Operation Mobilization in the UK when she was interviewed on the main stage. Megan Peet was a seventeen-year old high school student who had always loved stories, and writing. As Betsy shared about the need for writers on the field, Megan’s interest began to peak. “I could totally do that!” Megan thought to herself, as did her parents sitting nearby.

Once she started college, Megan felt the time was right. She applied to Operation Mobilization and was accepted to go and work as a journalist for four months at OM Lifehope— the very same base Betsy had served at and shared about at Mission ConneXion 2013! It is truly amazing how God can intertwine stories together.

For Megan and Betsy, meeting face-to-face this year at the 2015 event was an unexpected gift. They talked and prayed with each other there, and three days later, Megan boarded a plane and headed for the UK. You can read her daily blog at: http://oregontoengland.tumblr.com

This is a story that first had a “breakthrough” two years ago – but now continues in another country and culture. This year’s event may have sparked something in YOU, and in your spirit may also be resonating with Megan’s “I could totally do that!” sentiment. Take advantage of upcoming opportunities, like praying for missionaries, serving on your church missions team, taking the Perspectives class (class.perspecitves.org) or, registering for ConneXion events (http://missionconnexion.com/#TRAININGEVENTS)


Perhaps next year this time, with God’s help, you’ll be saying: “I AM Totally DOING That!