February 26, 2015

Graciously Kept on Task

Justin Speerstra
Teaching Pastor
The Well Community Church


Over the years, we have participated with Mission ConneXion on a number of levels. As I reflect on the many ways we have been benefitted from that participation, here are a few things that stand out:

First, we have been encouraged, humbled, and challenged by working with the broader Body of Christ in the metro area. Mission ConneXion is a ministry of the entire church and, therefore, we have had the privilege of working side-by-side with others outside of our immediate church community. This is important! We can easily become isolated or proud but working with our brothers and sisters throughout the city keeps us grounded. It also gives us the beautifully humble realization that we are only a small part of what God is doing in this region.

Second, Mission Connexion has provided opportunities for The Well Church people to serve, here in Portland as well as overseas. True to its name, we have been connected to many different opportunities about which we would most likely not have known. The exhibitor’s hall at the annual conference has proven to be a place where important networking happens and lifelong relationships are forged. Our church cannot, in and of itself, provide all the opportunities that help facilitate obedient discipleship. Mission ConneXion is a fantastic way to provide people with ideas and open doors to the next steps as they walk with Christ.

Third, Mission ConneXion has provided our church with great training. For example, we regularly have people attend Care ConneXion and they come back prepared to serve and bless our overseas workers. By God’s grace, we have a committed core of people who want to care for missionaries. Care ConneXion has been a key player in helping to make that happen. Muslim ConneXion is also a blessing, helping people catch or renew their vision to see Muslims follow Christ. The long-term effects of these training events cannot be overstated.

Finally, Mission ConneXion has helped to keep us focused on the goal: A global community of redeemed people worshipping Christ in every language forever and ever. Life is difficult; we easily lose focus and turn inward to the concerns of ourselves, our families, our churches, and our cities. Mission ConneXion provides a much needed reminder and wake-up call – it is not about us! It is about King Jesus and his glory among all peoples. Mission ConneXion regularly, and graciously, helps keep us on task.