April 28, 2015

So Much Broader and Deeper

Steve Lee, Senior Minister

Steve Lee

Suburban Christian Church, Corvallis

Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW) has helped our congregation see that missions is more than just the individual missionaries and mission organizations that our church knows and supports. God’s work is so much broader and deeper than what we can directly touch… and MCNW gives us a better look into that breadth and depth.

Suburban Christian Church has been sending people to MCNW for many years. Our attendance at the conference started out small but has grown quite large. Our congregation’s interest in missions has grown and grown, and MCNW has played a significant part in that.

Currently, we have a young woman serving in Asia. What started out as one-year commitment has become two years, and may result in a lifetime of missionary service. Another young woman has been studying at a Pastors in training in LatviaChristian college with a heart and intention to reach the world. One of our young couples is in the final stages of moving to east Africa so that east African Muslims may know the Gospel. Another young couple has just begun the journey of discovering where God wants to send them. MCNW, directly and indirectly, has played a part in the commitments of each of these young people and they are only a few among so many others whose commitment to missions was increased by Mission ConneXion.

Corvallis is nearly 100 miles from Portland. It takes a commitment from us to attend MCNW and to make arrangements to take a group of people. We’ve found that the commitment is worth it because MCNW provides direction and challenge for individuals in their pursuit of God’s plan for their lives. MCNW also communicates to our whole congregation that God’s heart beats for His worldwide mission, and the heart of our church must beat for it, too.

         Pastors in training in Latvia

Steve Lee, Senior Minister

Suburban Christian Church

2760 SW 53rd Street

Corvallis, OR 97333