May 31, 2015

Power of Prayer in Action

By Bill MacLeod


Once a month for the past thirteen years, the people who help to organize our January Missionbill-macleod-mission-connexion-2013 ConneXion Northwest event have met together the third Thursday morning of each month at City Bible Church in Portland.


Known as the Steering Team, this group has a lot to talk about, including working out all of the details related to  workshops, platform, exhibitors, logistics, speakers, promotions, volunteers, etc. for all of our Mission ConneXion events.

As a Steering Team, however, we do not skimp when it comes to prayer!  The first thing we do at every meeting is pray. Sometimes we spend as much as a quarter to a third of our time praying  together – for each other, Mission ConneXion leaders, responsibilities, activities and deadlines as well as area churches.  This is the most important thing we do, no matter how much time it takes.

And, it pays off. Over time we have proven that, as we seek to be faithful to Jesus Christ, the presumptive Head of this movement, our agenda items get dealt with and workers are increased.  We may think we have good ideas and plans, but have found that our best energy should be given to seeking His Ideas, His Purposes, and His Will in all that we are about when it comes to His Work in Mission ConneXion.  In the process, we find we have a lot of joy, laughter, and just plain wonderful fellowship over the things of God.

Sometimes at the close of each meeting, we ask visitors for their impressions. We have received some unexpected feedback, like the time the business owner sat in and told us that he had been to many church and business-related meetings and had never seen so much accomplished in so little time as he witnessed at our Steering Team meeting.

That’s the power of prayer in action.

You might not be able to attend one of our Steering Team meetings but you can still have a vital part in our work by joining us in prayer.

Here are the top three prayer requests for the Steering Team…would you pray with us?

– Praise God for His provision for our 2016 Venue (Sunset Presbyterian) and speakers

– Ask the Lord to help us find ways to reach young people for the cause of missions.

– Ask God to help us find volunteer leaders for these key areas:

o Events

o Communications

o Volunteer Recruitment

Thank you!