November 4, 2015

Who is My Neighbor?

Steve Moore

Who is My Neighbor?

By Bill MacLeod

Who is my neighbor?

Our neighbor is no longer the person who lives next door.  “Proximity” today has become somewhat of a relative term.  Due to the Internet we are all a lot closer than we think. 

This year at Leadership ConneXion we are privileged to hear from Steve Moore a leader who knows about neighbors both near and far.  Steve began as a missionary with Operation Mobilization distributing Christian literature in unreached, even dangerous parts of the world.

For a number of years Steve served as the Executive Director of Missio Nexus (an association of several hundred mission organizations in the US). Today Steve serves as the Executive Director of nexleaderan emerging generation leadership development initiative.

who-is-my-neighbor-steve-mooreUsing the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Steve will help us unpack how we as Christian leaders identify and reach out to the new neighbors that God is bringing into our world.

For instance, Syrian refugees are fleeing their homeland and arriving in cities like Portland across the US, as they, too, become our neighbors.  What an exciting time to see the Nations becoming The Neighbors!

The theme for our 2016 Mission ConneXion Northwest event this year is: “Without Borders”.  This theme ties in perfectly with Steve’s focus at Leadership ConneXion.

Please join us for “Who is My Neighbor?” Leadership ConneXion 2016, to be held on Friday, January 15th from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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