November 29, 2015

A Journey of Rescue

By Shonda Milmore

Remember NhuShonda MIllmore Mission Mobilization Mission Connexion 2016 1

Our story together did not involve selling all our possessions, resigning from full time jobs, and  becoming cross cultural workers.  It seemed very unlikely to happen because my husband had no desire to leave the comforts of home and even go on a 2 week mission trip.  Nor did he want his wife to go.  But I had a dream of serving on a medical mission team.

Fast forward from 2009 to March 2014…God speaks to me..speaking clearly to go on a mission trip.  After much prayer that my husband would be on board with this,  I approached him, and he said, “Yes, it sounds like God is directing you to go.”  After plans were finalized through A Jesus Church, I was traveling to Remember Nhu in Thailand.  Remember Nhu mission is to prevent child sex slavery thru prevention.  A few months before my trip in October, my husband shares with me… “God is directing me that we need to prepare to go on mission permanently.”  Astonishment and Shonda MIllmore Mission Mobilization Mission Connexion 2016 2excitement overwhelm me. Praising God for the change in his heart!

Now what?!  We have no background in missions.  JJ and I are like those fisherman that Jesus called…willing to go and fully trusting he will provide what we need.  But at the same time wondering how God is going to use two imperfect people.  One of God’s promises is “if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5

One way God has answered our prayer is Mission Connexion.  We heard about it thru friends who volunteer for the organization.  Our purpose in going was to connect with a Remember Nhu rep and Shonda MIllmore Mission Mobilization Mission Connexion 2016 3learn how to better equip ourselves for mission.  Villages throughout the world are now choosing to send their kids to these homes instead of selling them because of Remember Nhu!  Mission Connexion is wonderful because there are a variety of speakers that present a range of topics.  Because of our desire to serve in SE Asia we plugged into Buddhism.  The speakers share from first hand experience because they are cross cultural workers themselves.  What was eye opening for us was that Buddhists think in a circle where Americans tend to think logically.  When discussing a point, it can become very frustrating to us if we don’t realize that their thinking pattern is different.  So even if you know the language, the answer to sharing the gospel isn’t as easy as just explaining in their language…because it won’t click for them.  After learning about the different facets of Buddhism, my husband and I feel drawn to let God use us to reach them.

Is God calling you to be a cross cultural worker?  You will be blessed by the perspectives at Mission Connexion.  Please consider attending…it will change your world!