December 28, 2015

What if there was no Mission ConneXion?

By Joseph Anfuso, Founder, Forward Edge International

When I was asked to write a short article for the Mission ConneXion newsletter, I found myself wondering what the Church community in the greater Portland area would be like if there was no Mission ConneXion.Joseph Anfuso


First, I thought of the many ways Mission ConneXion has blessed the ministry I serve with. I thought of the opportunity it has provided over the years for thousands of people to learn about our mission and vision. I thought of the invitations we received following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2014 typhoon in the Philippines to share with conference attendees about the needs in these two countries, and how local believers could respond. And most of all, I thought of the affirmation and encouragement participating in each year’s conference has provided to our partners and staff.

But the blessing of Mission ConneXion obviously extends far beyond any one ministry. If not for Mission ConneXion, tens of thousands of Christ followers in our community would not be refreshed each year in their desire to respond with faith and obedience to The Great Commission. They would not receive practical instruction on how to do that more effectively. And they would never learn about the scores of credible ministries—both local and national—with whom they could serve. 

And all this made possible by largely faceless servants laboring behind the scenes. Not because the financial viability of their efforts is guaranteed or because of any earthly reward. But simply because of their passion to equip and mobilize the Church to both declare and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus.

As this year’s Mission ConneXion conference draws near, my prayer is that God will use it once again to renew the faith and vision of all those who attend. That God will be glorified through the plenary sessions, workshops, worship, and fellowship. And that many will discover and embrace—perhaps for the first time—their unique place in His Story.


Editor’s Note: Forward Edge International has been an Exhibitor at every Mission ConneXion Northwest event since we launched in 2002.  You can find them in the Lobby this year at Booth #67.