February 29, 2016

Beyond “Without Borders”

By Bill MacLeod

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Georgene Rice on her daily radio program on KPDQbill macleod, mission connexion, executive director here in Portland.

During the hour-long interview, Georgene and I reflected on where Mission ConneXion has come over the past 14 years and where we’re headed as an organization.

As we talked, I was reminded again that Prayer, Passion, and People have marked Mission ConneXion since our inception and, I trust, will define us in the future.

I was encouraged to see these important principles appear in comments made by some of the 630 people who completed the post-event survey after our January Mission ConneXion Northwest event.

One of those who attended the event commented on the prayer time that took place on the night before the event:

In the orientation meeting for exhibitors, when the leaders prayed, it was really fantastic to hear their hearts before the Father for the weekend. This little ‘peek’ into the heart of Mission ConneXion is one huge reason why I will be recommending it to others.

 PrayerRoomAnother attendee stopped in at the Prayer Room, which is staffed by volunteers throughout the conference:

I have been coming for the past seven years. Last year was the first year I went to the Prayer Room for prayer, and this year I went again. They remembered me and what I had asked prayer for last year. It really touched me.”

Passion: Before every Mission ConneXion event, we pray that the Lord will ignite passion for missions in the hearts of those who attend. As evidenced in the following comments, God answered our prayers:

I was never that interested in Missions before this past weekend. I have attended Mission ConneXion three times now, but this year really made me think more about the actual Mission and spreading the Lord’s Word.

 “As the result of the Arts in Missions workshop I attended, I think I have taken a good step toward the mission field.”


VolunteersPeople: None of our Mission ConneXion events could take place without the dedicated, talented, faithful service of an army of mission-minded volunteers. These volunteers come willing to do anything and everything serving the Lord by serving others. One of our attendees commented on the dedication of our volunteers:

Looking for a classroom, a volunteer didn’t just give me directions, but took me right to the classroom. What an expression of Christ’s love! Thank you, volunteers, for your willingness to serve!”

That is what we are seeing and want to continue to see in every Mission ConneXion event: people who are in prayer being led to passion, leading to other people.
This comment by an attendee is what we pray for:

You’ve planted a seed in me that I can’t wait to see how God grows.”


Thank you for your prayers for Mission ConneXion. May the Lord fill your life with a passion for missions and for reaching the lost. And, may He lead you to people who need to know His love and grace in their lives.

In Christ’s service,
Bill MacLeod

P.S. If you are praying for Muslim people or have a passion to reach Muslim people with the hope of new life in Christ, please join mission leaders from other churches throughout Oregon and Washington at Muslim ConneXion to be held at Westside A Jesus Church on March 11-12, 2016. For more information or to register online, please click here.

P.P.S. Mission ConneXion will also have an exhibit at the upcoming Good Friday Breakfast on March 25th.  We hope to see you there!