February 29, 2016

Need a Missional Compass?

By Don Parrott, Director of The Journey Deepens
Former Executive Director of MissionNext

ParottHave you ever felt that God was leading you into some kind of a missions role but for one reason or another you haven’t taken that step? As it turns, out you are not alone. Many people indicate that at one point in their life they were leaning toward missions, and then somehow life got in the way.

If you relate to this idea at all, I sincerely recommend you attend The Journey Deepens weekend we have prepared for April 1-2. This gathering is designed to effectively guide you into “next steps” that are appropriate for your present life situation. This weekend is not programmed to push you into missions. It is prepared to enable you to discover what roles God has for you in the here and now.

Here’s what some of your peers have to say about their experience:

“I cannot even begin to explain the profound effect the Journey Deepens had on my spiritual walk and on my missions journey. The prayer, advice and wisdom I received at this event helped me to cut through the fog of noise and distraction that had accumulated in looking at countries, agencies and options for missions.”

 “It has been quite a journey since the ‘journey’. We loved the conference and left excited to work on our goals…Our family will be heading to Rio San Juan, DR where Ryan and I will be running a community center for pretty marginalized kids…sports, vbs, fun and lots of love!  We can’t wait!”

The Journey Deepens was a great way for us to connect with possibilities,  and we really appreciate the insights. (Here’s what we just received…”We want to officially extend a call to you to serve alongside the MissionMexico Team to the glory of God and for the sake of the Lost”.)

And if you’ve taken Perspectives, here’s what Steve Hawthorne, who just spoke at this year’s MissionConneXion Northwest says:

I enthusiastically recommend The Journey Deepens retreats to Perspectives students. Those who take the Perspectives course almost always encounter a global God fulfilling His purpose in all the earth. But the course can often leave people bewildered about what to do next to fulfill their part in the global purpose. The Journey Deepens is a carefully designed experience, bringing together seasoned practitioners along with other journey-ers who are exploring what’s next. Solid counsel blends with wisdom deepened by experience, all of which helps to instill a hopeful clarity about how participants can pursue God’s call in their life-journey.

This retreat takes place at Central Bible Church in Portland April 1st & 2nd. I encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and I hope to see you there. You can register online at www.thejourneydeepens.com.