April 3, 2016

Praying Without Borders

By Wendy Morgan

Wendy MorganMy story here is simple because, well, it’s just one piece of my story.

It was just a few years ago that I was attending Crossroads Community Church and Mission ConneXion Northwest was soon to be held there.  I was asked by Crossroads to serve as the lead registration volunteer.  Now, I was still pretty new to the area and had never heard of this organization, but I said yes; and by the end of the event, a “connexion” had been made!  I was asked to do the same for Mission ConneXion.

My attendance was sporadic at first. Looking back, I suppose I came when I believed I was needed; but over time, I wanted to be there, wanted to be a part of this amazing organization.  It was a time and place where, regardless of the business at hand, the focus was always God first.  We opened in Scripture and prayer, we discussed needs and progress, we prayed often during the meetings as more difficult subjects emerged, and always concluded in prayer.  There was no need that was not met through prayer.

Eventually, the need for a new minute keeper arose; again, I was asked to step in. I gladly said yes as this would definitely keep me coming.  God even gave me a job that allowed me to take the time to attend in the middle of the work day.  Funny thing, too, about taking notes – you pick up on a lot more details.  So, when it was mentioned that Mission ConneXion was planning a Prayer and Spiritual Warfare ConneXion for 2016, there I was taking notes, writing down the name of the speakers, where they were from, what their stories were, why they were selected.

You see, God had slowly been working on my heart in the area of prayer specifically. I was sadly like many believers who believed we should pray, did pray some, but never truly grasped the depth of what prayer is – the power of and partnership with God Almighty.  This was something I knew was missing from my walk with the Lord.  So, I looked up the speakers and ordered No Easy Road by Dick Eastman.

War RoomThis was about the same time that the movie War Room was playing in local theaters.  The message was clear – prayer is a powerful weapon and we must pray (I’m afraid my cup of coffee would have been lukewarm, too)!  So, my husband and I emptied a closet, literally, and made our war room.  About that time, the book arrived and we began reading and learning and, most importantly, praying.

I am thankful for the connection God gave me simply by saying “Yes, I’ll serve,” but there are not words enough to portray my gratitude to our Savior for bringing me to my knees and closer to His heart. Oh, the joy inexplicable!   And my journey has only just begun…

Editorial Note: Wendy can be found taking minutes at our monthly Steering Team Meeting held every 3rd Thursday at City Bible Church which all are welcome to attend. She also alludes to the upcoming Prayer ConneXion event in May.