July 5, 2016

Sami’s Story

My journey to America began 16 years ago. I spoke no English and had only 25 sami copycents to begin life in a new country with my wife and two daughters. For 30 years, my life as a Muslim was full of questions and hardships during my years in the Iraqi Public Guard and Peshmerga. Here is an article that tells my testimony.

I had no idea a year after living in America, God would speak to me.

billandsamiI became a Christian and moved from Houston to Portland to be closer to family. I attended my first Mission ConneXion in Vancouver, WA in 2003, where I met Bill MacLeod. Then, at the 2015 Mission ConneXion Northwest in Beaverton, Bill introduced me to Michael McDonald, Pastor of Hear the Cry. They both have been a great blessing to me. Since then, I have served on three mission trips with Hear the Cry to North Iraq to pray and help people who had fled ISIS.

As I have grown in my faith, I have realized how Mission ConneXion has been a huge part of my story – learning about missions and what it means to trust Jesus. Specifically, my life has been impacted by three speakers that have been at MCNW: Ravi Zacharias, Luis Palau, and Bob Goff.

I encourage everyone to attend a Mission ConneXion event at least once to become more informed about the great work being done to serve others in the name of Jesus through many different ministries.

Each year there are different speakers, and I appreciate the diversity. samimichaelbobI feel Mission ConneXion brings joy to the whole city and has taught me how to build the bridge to connect with people and share the love of Christ. When people see my life and meet me, I want to reflect Jesus. I am learning that serving Jesus is not only about sharing the Gospel. There is a relational aspect to sharing the love of Christ.

I want to say thank you to all the volunteers and leaders that take the time and effort to coordinate such an enriching event that touches many lives!

Sami’s ConneXion:

I feel God has called me to continue helping refugees. I am now part of a team that helps to coordinate a project that provides financial assistance for the installation of water wells where people are in desperate need of clean water.

Hear the Cry has been a tremendous source of support and guidance in this new project called Water of Life. The first water well was installed during my last trip to north Iraq, May 2, 2016.

My team and I are praying God will open doors for 10 more wells to be placed in Iraq and one in Uganda.

This article represents the true story of Sami Hassan and was written by Jazmen Draper.