October 4, 2016

Q&A With Andrew Palau: #whoisable

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

The theme for Mission ConneXion Northwest 2017 is “Who Is Able?” and our guest plenary speakers understand who is able-flyerwhat it means to feel inadequate as they considered (and consider) the ministry God laid before them. One of those guest speakers is Andrew Palau, an evangelist with the Luis Palau Association and author of The Secret Life of a Fool: One Man’s Raw Journey from Shame to Grace. As we look toward January and MCNW17, we asked Andrew to share what this theme means to him.

(Bill):    Before becoming a follower of Jesus, what did you believe you were or would be “able” to do with your life? (Did you ever feel you were NOT “able”, or “suit”-able for ministry?)

the_secret_life_of_a_fool(Andrew): There was so much duplicity in my life before Christ.  On the face of it, I wore a mask to say, “All is well with Andrew.”  I graduated from university, was working my way up the corporate ladder, had friends, and knew how to have a good time. I built up the façade that I was going places; but over time, in sober moments, I felt very insecure and did not have much hopefulness that I would amount to much.  The idea of ministry was never in my mind at all, it was all a secular vision of success and capacity; of fulfillment and purpose.

(Bill):    How did following Christ change how you viewed yourself and this question?

(Andrew): Of course all things became new for me in that radical moment of transformation. The truth of my lack of capacity for anything good was fully realized.  However, in the economy of God, that was the only proper starting point.  Apart from Him I can do nothing!  But now, with Him, all things are possible!  What a change of view.  Finally, hope in this world for me.

(Bill):     As the Lord directed you toward your current ministry, how “able” or prepared did you feel you were, given your experience, expertise, and calling?

(Andrew): At first, I just felt so happy to have anything to do for the Lord and in the Kingdom.  When God called me to preaching evangelism though, I had a battle with the flesh.  I really realized, like Moses, perhaps, “I got nothing!” So I used that truth as an excuse for a moment; but that was God’s exact point!  He didn’t want it to be used as an excuse as to why I shouldn’t do it, but rather as the actual, vital evidence of God’s presence and activity in this world.  He loves to take that which is nothing and do something with it – to prove that He is powerful.andrewpalau_portrait_

(Bill):   What counsel would you give new, especially young Christians starting out as to how they should view their “ability” to fulfill God’s will and call on their lives? 

(Andrew): Read John 15 regularly and take it to heart more and more.  And come to Mission ConneXion Northwest!

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