May 4, 2017

Gulp! Now, I’m #theprayerguy!

By Doug Hazen
National Director for Mobilization Prayer, WorldVenture

Doug HazenI’ll probably never get over it.  I was in a room with my WorldVenture colleagues, discussing new strategies for helping people get on board with God’s work in the world.  We listed a couple of ideas and then God nudged me.  “Why don’t you just use my strategy… “Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into His harvest?”  I mentioned it and we all hung our heads.

Of course!  Prayer is the only true biblical strategy!  My boss pointed to me and essentially said, “Your role with WorldVenture has just changed.  Make prayer our strategy as an organization.”

Gulp! Help, God, I’m now #theprayerguy!  What do I do?  I decided to find that passage and see if it held any clues.  And did it ever!  First of all, the passage is Matthew 9:37-38 (also found in Luke 10:2).  And then, I discovered that the word translated “ask or pray” is one of the strongest words for prayer in the New Testament.  “Beg, beseech or implore” are all possible translations.  Not only that, the word for “send” is the same as the one used in Mark 1:12 when the Spirit “drove” Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.  I couldn’t believe it!  Is God this serious about getting workers mobilized that he would “thrust out” (Amplified) people in response to my fervent prayer?  Yes!  Talk about the best way to motivate Jesus followers to make more Jesus followers!  Prayer.  Fervent, desperate prayer.

I pray differently now. Forget praying merely for people interested in serving God.  I pray now for people who couldn’t care less.  Jesus said it.  “Pray earnestly for the Lord of the Harvest to thrust out workers into his harvest.”  Guaranteed answer by the God of the universe!  My job?  Pray!

Editor’s Note: Doug will be presenting a workshop at Prayer ConneXion 2017 entitled, “Prayer & Harvest Readiness at Your Church.”