January 30, 2018

Hope Taken Home

by Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

Whether it was all 1300 parking spaces filling up 90 minutes after outside doors opened; the lines that stretched around the building to get in, or all 2500 seats in the auditorium once the inside doors opened… “There is Hope” 2018 brought together about the largest crowd ever assembled at Rolling Hills Community Church (RHCC), in addition to the more than 1700 live-streaming online. To God be all the glory!

We were reminded that while biblical hope is both invisible and future, it is also “certain”, i.e. something you can count on. Many who attended and took the follow up survey made these startling comments as to what they took home with them that was certain…

  • After today, my wife and I launched a non-profit school. Where we both could travel to Africa and teach people skills trade in nursing and bookkeeping.
  • Loved the conference, and so did the group of students we brought from Bend, OR!
  • Loved being challenged in my faith and seeing my two boys 12 and 15 being challenged and inspired! They were able to meet so many wonderful real life heroes of the faith.  Their favorite of the weekend was JAARS.
  • I almost drove back to Eugene before the last speaker due to driving home late. But I decided to stay, and I am SO glad I did! I went home excited about my work as ministry!
  • I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait for Mission ConneXion each year. It’s my favorite event!! It provides a space for life-changing encounters with God every year.
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit during the large group worship times was very noticeable.  He ministered to me in a profound and significant way.
  • I think that the mission centered emphasis can only bolster the area wide witness for Christ.  
  • Attending Mission ConneXion completely changed the way I live (pray, worship, give, eat, etc.).  My heart now breaks for the global church and those who have never experienced the freedom of the gospel. I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit used this conference to open my eyes.

For those of you who supported us financially, thank you. With your help, we’ve raised more than $26,000 towards the $25,000 matching gift goal we announced at our event. If you have not had a chance to give, you may still do so by clicking here.

For those of you who prayed with us for God’s blessing, He heard your prayers. Lives were touched. Connections took place. People made commitments to serve. God showed up. Hope for many was made more certain. Thank you!

After waiting 11 years for the opportunity and privilege…we were so grateful for being able to partner with Rolling Hills Community Church again this year and for all the volunteers who made it possible for this event to take place! The RHCC staff team were a joy to work with!

Finally, if you’re interested in building on your Mission ConneXion Northwest experience, please check out the 2018 events that will take place in the coming months:

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Student ConneXion, Nov 2-3