May 1, 2018

She Prayed

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

Dorothea Clapp lived across the street from Ramsey High School, Ramsey, New Jersey, and for seventeen years prayed faithfully for the students at Ramsey High to know the Lord. When sophomore George Verwer came across her radar screen, she put him on her prayer list and prayed that he would trust Christ and become a missionary someday. She sent a Gospel of John in the mail to him as a gift.  I always love hearing George tell the story…“she never asked me for my permission to pray for me, she just prayed!”

The faithful prayers of Mrs. Clapp allowed the Holy Spirit to begin a mighty work in the life of young George Verwer. Today, 63 years later, Operation Mobilization, the organization he founded, continues to take the Gospel and Christian literature around the world, even utilizing ocean-going vessels in the process.

Who prayed for you? Who are you praying for? Whose prayers have resulted in the person you are today? Whose life is impacting the world because YOU prayed?

This May 18-19, Prayer ConneXion will bring together those, who like Mrs. Clapp, desire to be used of the Lord in the area of prayer. Dr. Mark Jones, the Prayer Pastor at City Bible Church, Portland, will be speaking, and ten workshops covering various aspects of prayer, will be led by prayer mobilizers from the region. Register here. 60 years from now, who will be saying “____ prayed.”?

Workshops Include:

  • Prayer Walking with the Holy Spirit. James Autry
  • How Does Compassion relate to Prayer? Doug Hazen
  • What are my “Next Steps” now? Lindsey Wenzlick
  • What’s the best way to pray for missionaries? Dennis Fuqua
  • iPhone God: What are the Possibilities and Pitfalls of Personal Technology? Ahshuwah Hawthorn
  • What kind of Prayer drives movements? Paul Watson
  • How can healing prayer renew my mind? Cal and Julie Tadama
  • How do I develop a personal prayer team? Mark Jones
  • Establishing a Prayer Room in your local church. Renee Boucher
  • How can we engage kids in prayer for world missions? Leng Halstead