September 5, 2018


A friend of mine was leading a group of VIPs’ around the premises of a national corporation. When they got to an area where many of the key decisions are made, my friend, inspired in the moment said, “Let’s take a selfie!” As he gathered the group together, he called out to an employee carrying some boxes nearby asking if he would take the picture. As the gentleman put down what he was carrying, and the group pulled together for the shot, one of the VIP’s whispered in my friend’s ear: “Ah, that’s the CEO of this company!” My friend profusely apologized and (much later) they all had a good laugh!

Introductions take all forms, some planned and others unexpected.  Here are some introductions that we want to make sure to get right the first time, that we are very excited about…

Crystal McGowen joined us this summer as our new, part-time, Executive Administrative Assistant – Event Coordinator. She and her husband served as foreign missionaries; they’ve done business as mission overseas, and she also served as an executive administrative assistant for a non-profit, peacemaking organization. Don’t miss my interview with her in this newsletter edition!


Fawn Stephens enthusiastically accepted the role of Exhibitor Coordinator which she was somewhat familiar with since she has exhibited with their organization, Helimission International, in the past. She and her husband and two children returned from Indonesia about eighteen months ago and since Mission ConneXion figured largely in their call and preparation for that, she looked for ways to serve. She volunteered in the office this spring and summer as we searched for a new administrative assistant. We are so glad to have her on the team – as she works to increase the number of exhibit spaces to 95 this year! If your organization would like to exhibit, please contact Fawn here.


Meaghan Hartman returns as our Workshop Coordinator for the 5th consecutive year. We appreciate her diligence along with her husband Tim, as they are also fully-supported missionaries with Send International and bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to this critical role. The 25 Workshop Tracks and Leaders have been confirmed for some time; session presenters are almost completed, but workshop proposals may be made here.


Wendy Morgan returns as our Volunteer Coordinator, having been with us since 2010 when she served as our first registration coordinator.  Currently she is working with 12 Volunteer Leads who represent over 150 volunteers needed to be recruited just for the January event weekend. This is a team effort, so if you are a team player, and would like to volunteer, please reach out to Wendy here.


Each month our Steering Team for Mission ConneXion Northwest meets to pray and plan for the January event.  We typically meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 9:00 to 11:00am at City Bible Church on Rocky Butte. We warmly welcome all like-minded, church-mission engaged believers to join us. This month we gather on Thursday, September 13th at 9:00am and I would like to introduce you to them!

We look forward to making many more introductions in the weeks and months ahead, especially to people and opportunities that will engage you to ends you never thought possible. More on this soon…