December 3, 2018

An Interview with Heather Mercer, MCNW 2019 Speaker

We asked 2019 MCNW speaker, Heather Mercer about her faith journey, and several questions about this year’s theme, “Worth it?”  Get to know Heather more, and be blessed by her compelling testimony below.

When did you first surrender something tangible and stand completely on faith? Was it worth it?

When I was in college, God challenged me to value people more than possessions and position, and to live among the poor. I read Luke 18:22 (The story of the Rich Young Ruler), which says, “There is still one thing you haven’t done. Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” I sensed God asking me to do the same. I didn’t have much, but that was not really the point. I was concerned about what other people might think, how I would look, and what I would wear if I did such a thing. Ultimately, the assignment was about obedience and trust in God’s direction for my life. Could I respond to His leadership to sell my possessions? If I could not trust Him in that assignment, how could I trust Him in the greater assignments to come?  So…I had a yard sale, and sold everything I had (at least those things that people wanted to buy J) and gave the money to the homeless in my community. I found God to be my true Provider, and that was worth infinitely more than all that I had to sell.

What has your faith cost you, and is it worth it?

Following Jesus and living His purpose for our lives is always worth it, but it does not negate the struggle that comes when facing the challenges of life. Anything that is worth anything ALWAYS costs something. When I face fatigue, failure, hope differed, doubt, or loneliness – I return to the promise of the Lord, and remember that His promise NEVER fails. I might not understand the WHY or HOW of a circumstance. I might even wrestle with God, but then, I choose again to hang my hat on the unshakeable nature of God’s true character and steadfast love. I rest there and move ahead. I accept that there are some questions I may never have an answer for until Heaven, but I don’t allow accusation against God to fill my heart. Faith is the elixir applied in the gaps of those unanswered questions, and God receives tremendous honor there. Faith applied is never wasted in God’s eternal economy, and with faith we can reconcile the cost of following Jesus with the infinitely valuable reward of knowing Him.

On a day to day basis, how do you live out your faith, and is it worth it?

Living my faith day to day plays out most often when confronted with life’s disappointments and challenges. Faith is easily applied when it’s not required, but it’s the times when I really don’t know what lies ahead, that I must trust God, even for daily needs and desires. While I have experienced God’s miracle-working power, most of the time I have to apply faith in the mundane, not-so-spectacular things in life. Maintaining joy and thankfulness are my primary litmus test for how well I am living my faith. When I have lost my joy or grown a complaining-spirit, I know it is time to stir faith and hope again in who Jesus is and what He says.

What would you want individuals attending this year’s conference to come away with?

I hope each person comes away with the knowledge that God is for them, and that He has created each one of us with a divine purpose. Being on mission with God does not just influence our geography, but it’s a lifestyle of daily looking outward and upward with a Kingdom perspective. Truly, we are called to extend the Hope of Christ in whatever nation or field we have been assigned. Living a life of faith in Christ is an extraordinary adventure, and its much simpler than we think. Enjoy relationship with God and He will lead you into your best life with a legacy to follow.

You can learn more about Heather and her ministry,

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