February 12, 2019

What Was Worth It?

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

Mission ConneXion Northwest proved to be, once again with God’s help, another record turnout underscoring an enthusiastic “Yes!” to the question raised by our “Worth It?” theme. Our plenary speakers brought so much from their own lives to help us frame the question:

  • Luis Palau introduced us to an ordinary Wycliffe missionary friend who, “didn’t comb his hair…wore Salvation Army clothes…and shuffled when he walked” to indelibly fix on our minds that Jesus is worth it and if we love Him and are faithful to obey Him, He will even move the hearts of dictators through us…
  • Heather Mercer shared how she was told growing up she could be “anything she wanted to be” by her parents, but when she chose a ‘career’ to bring His Name to the ends of the earth; she was “not the number one draft pick”, and that was the only profession her parents did not want her to choose…” but Jesus has always proven to be “worth it”.
  • Nik Ripken talked about all those Somalians he and his wife worked closely with, as dear friends, who counted Jesus as very much “worth it” – but who all lost their lives for their faithfulness to Him.
  • York Moore shared how growing up an atheist, and destitute in Detroit, Jesus became “worth it” to him in college when he compared his life to that of a firefly, and sin like a spider, and was transformed through the power of the gospel!

If you missed any of them, you can still watch their presentations here.

What else was really “Worth It”? Here are some of the big winners:

  • Workshops: 3 of the “top 10” in attendance were brand new entries: “Apologetics for Kids”; “Gospel vs. Social Justice”; and “Next Gen”.
  • Churches: 546 were represented in total with nearly 60% of churches drawing multiple attendees. 3 of the “Top 10” churches bringing the greatest number of attendees came from 50 miles away or more! Host Rolling Hills Church was “#1” with 60 in attendance!
  • Attendees: People came from 20 States and 4 Countries (including China and the UAE), and almost 30% were first-timers!
  • Live-Streaming: 7 countries and 15 different States tuned in to watch online!
  • Book Store: first time for Willamette Valley Christian Supply in Corvallis at MCNW. Owner Kevin Ferguson and his team did an awesome job!
  • Leadership ConneXion: 170 maxed out the largest room at Rolling Hills Church.
  • Worship: “Chasing Ebenezer” duo, Ben and Heidi Sadler, were rated by attendee surveys to be, perhaps, “best ever” based on content, volume, and spirit sensitivity.
  • Volunteer Team: over 160 were trained, and most of our “leads” were brand new this year. They rallied and make it happen every year. Without them, and the gracious, partnering efforts of Rolling Hills Church – this event would never get off the ground.
  • Matching Gift Effort: Generous attendees – we’re only about $5000 shy of matching our $30,000 goal! If you would like to donate, you may send a check to PO Box 91338, Portland, OR 97291, or give Online here.

Finally, what did attendees say was “Worth It” for them?

Here, from our post-conference Survey, in their own words…

  • “I have been sharing what I learned at this Conference…with tears in my eyes.”
  • “No words enough. I am now less “clueless” about the suffering within our Body, the Church…”
  • “As exhibitors, it was one of the best…we got 30 new contact cards & lots of networking!”
  • “God made it clear I was to go on my 1st short term mission…MCNW was used by God to prepare me to say yes.”
  • I prayed a lot before attending for the Holy Spirit to show me where He is leading me and he did~ and I knew it when I connected with one of the exhibitors. Praise God!
  • I was a volunteer and I was so blessed!!
  • I was greatly impacted by Luis Palau’s quote, “Keep at it laddie. God loves to hear men speak well of His Son,” stuck with me.

If you participated with us this year – Thank You! If you were unable to, please check out the recorded, free, plenary and workshop sessions here.  We trust that this event allowed Jesus and His Gospel, to become more “worth it” for you, and that as a result, you know where you fit in His plan to reach the nations!