March 19, 2019

Are You Seeking Fresh Vision?

In his book, Fresh Vision for the Muslim World, veteran missionary to the Middle East, Mike Kuhn, offers an alternative response to the current conflicts of the West with the Muslim world that goes beyond the response of confrontation offered at the state and political level. Jesus’ approach to the Samaritan woman was similar to the reaction of Rachel Saint and Elizabeth Elliot to the Waorani people who had killed their husbands in Ecuador in 1956.


They did not seek to vindicate their husband’s deaths upon these Stone Age enemies, any more than Jesus desired to bring harm to the hated and despised Samaritans. Mike posits that, like them, our response ought to be motivated by the incarnation – passion that Jesus Christ receives His rightful place of glory among the peoples of the Middle East.


Mike Kuhn grew up in N. Carolina, married his wife Stephanie in 1983, and for 22 years they lived in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. His ongoing friendship with believer from an Islamic background has continued to influence him both in those relationships and in his understanding of God’s heart to draw all peoples to Himself.


Mike will be our speaker at Crescent ConneXion on March 22-23, 2019, at Village Baptist Church, along with our friend, Fouad Masri, who is returning after helping us launch Crescent ConneXion in 2012. Even if you are not seeking fresh vision, please join us!


To register and/or learn more about this special two-day conference, Loving Your Neighbor from the 10/40 Window…click here.

By Bill MacLeod