June 11, 2019

Do Prayer + Mission Connect?

One person who is convinced the two are inseparable is Dennis Fuqua, Director of International Renewal Ministries (IRM) known as the prayer summits. For some years he has led the efforts of Prayer ConneXion, but he’s also a recent addition to the Board of Directors for Mission ConneXion.  Here is what he shared recently about this unique ConneXion event, coming May 17-18…

No one is “against prayer.”  It is just that there could be so many more who really are “for” prayer! 

Would you like to experience a greater confidence that your prayers are right in line with God’s will?  Do you attend a regular prayer meeting that is okay, but not as powerful as you think it could be?  Did you attend Mission ConneXion, received motivation to “do more” in missions, but you are not sure just what that might be?  You know you want to be engaged in God’s work around the world, but can’t pack up and move?

Prayer ConneXion 2019, an official event of Mission ConneXion, is designed to be a place “Where prayer and mission connect.”  Whether you are an experienced pray-er, the leader of a prayer team, or have just sensed a need to grow in prayer, attending Prayer ConneXion 2019 will help you be encouraged and challenged to be more engaged in God’s work through prayer.

Southwest Hills Baptist Church will host this year’s event.  It will take place Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, May 17-18.  Josh White (pastor of Door of Hope, Portland) and Rick Elzinga (recently retired pastor of Southwest Hills Baptist) will be the two plenary speakers.  Both of these men have not only developed significant prayer lives but have helped others do the same.  In addition to these two men, there will be twelve practical workshops presented by experienced prayer leaders throughout the greater Portland area.

Go to https://missionconnexion.com/prayer-connexion-2019/ for more information or just register here.  Registration includes two plenary sessions, two opportunities for workshops, and Saturday lunch.  During the weekend, there will be as much actual prayer as there is talk about prayer!  Groups of 10 or more get a 50% discount.

Hope you can experience how prayer and mission connect!