February 5, 2020

ONE for the Many…

“ONE” for the Many…

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director


“ONE Body, ONE Voice, ONE Mission” MCNW’s theme for this year had many expressions, and something for everyone who had ears to hear.  Who can forget Michael Badriaki’s “I-Pad 1 and I-Pad 2 like Moses’ Tablets”…Becky Pippert’s hairdresser…Michael Ramsden’s inviting any with questions to write them down on one-hundred dollar bills and pass them forward…or Dick Brogden’s prophetic closing; and the many who streamed to the front in response to his invitation?


Comments from the follow-up survey caught my attention too…

  • I am a high school senior looking to go into physical therapy in college. Dr. Yoon’s message showed how I can use my future medical abilities to impact others for Christ.
  • I would like to thank the matching donors for having a passion and heart for the next generation. God Bless you guys for your…financial sacrifice to him.
  • My friend woke up 2 mornings in a row praying for disabled kids in North Korea. I told her a main speaker at MCNW was from North Korea and that he works with disabled kids. The Spirit of God had alerted her to pray without even knowing…
  • I was a workshop presenter in Track 1 on Depression. I have never sensed such freedom as I presented…and the response was really good!
  • Really impressed with the Worship sessions and the band this year… some of the most overwhelming, powerful praise and celebration that I’ve ever experienced…
  • Bring the BOSS Turf Missionaries rap team back next year!!!
  • I’m 15 years old. I do love coming to MCNW…it teaches [me] how to evangelize in my everyday life and how to take my walk with Christ to the next level every day.


Attendees came from many backgrounds and locations:

  • First Time: Over 30% had never attended any MC event before, but 39% had attended 2-4 times…
  • Students: Over 20% were Students…Less than 20% were retired…and 59% were middle-aged!
  • Volunteers: a record 176 Volunteers led by Jacob Mou, were recruited so early that Volunteer Registration had to be closed one week before! Without them, and the gracious, partnering efforts of Rolling Hills Church – this event could never happen!
  • States & Countries: 29 US states were represented…6 countries outside the USA also came including Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Germany, and Taiwan.
  • USA Live-Streamers: beamed in from 8 states including: AZ, CA, IL, NC, NJ, OH, WA, and OR.
  • Foreign Live-Streamers: 14 from Poland, and 16 from Turkey beamed in!
  • Churches: over 400 churches were represented by attendees.
  • Gift Challenge Effort: increasing the principal to $35,000 this year, generous attendees gave, and we’re only $5000 shy of matching our $35K goal! If you’d like to donate, you may still send a check to PO Box 25507, Portland, OR 97298, or give Online here.
  • Recordings: If you missed any of the Plenary or Workshop Sessions you may access them on our website here.


Thank You! – if you were able to attend this year! If you were unable, we hope that you will plan to attend Mission ConneXion Northwest 2021, by God’s grace on: January 15-16, 2021. Please pray for a venue large enough to host us, and in the meantime, also attend our various, scheduled, ConneXion events starting with STM ConneXion, Feb. 21-22. May you continue to serve Jesus with ONE Body…ONE Voice…ONE Mission in 2020!!