March 3, 2020

Fullfillment in Film

David Almgren, with Faith and Family Films, was born and raised in Hollywood. Not the Hollywood you picture in your mind, but the Hollywood District in Portland, Oregon. He received Christ in 1983 and graduated from Multnomah University in 1993. After graduating, he was ready to embark on the journey to make a difference in the world and fulfilled that desire through mission trips, church plants, and numerous years as a pastor to youth and children. In 2008, he came to a fork in the road, causing him to question how he would continue to fulfill the great commission which would eventually lead him to the Hollywood you picture in your mind; Hollywood, California.

“This opportunity was to help spread the gospel through the medium of film and over the last
twelve years I have had the privilege of working on the marketing teams for over 55 feature
films. This opportunity has allowed me to continue to fulfill the great commission. With stories
of lives challenged and changed because of films like Warroom, October Baby, Hacksaw Ridge,
Woodlawn, Soul Surfer, The Star, Paul The Apostle of Christ, Breakthrough and I Can Only
Imagine. The stories have been nothing short of inspiring and they reminds me that God can use
anyone and anything to fulfill the great commission. I am so thankful for the door that the Lord
has opened for me to be used in the ‘other Hollywood’.

Currently I am working on two incredible films that deliver a powerful message that I pray will
encourage the church and will provide the opportunity to laugh and learn to love through the pain
of life. The first film is “I Still Believe” and the second is a family comedy called “Selfie Dad”.
I Still Believe opens in theaters nationwide March 13th and is an inspiring love story for the
ages. It’s based on the real-life story of chart-topping singer Jeremy Camp and is a powerful
reminder that in the midst of life’s storms, true hope can be found. The film stars Gary Sinise as
Jeremy’s father and does a fabulous job bringing insight to the story.

On June 12th, Selfie Dad hits theaters one week before Fathers Day. Some films have an
inspiring faith-based message and others are fall-out-of-your-chair funny, but I don’t think there
has ever been a faith film that was both? I believe Selfie Dad is that movie.

Both I Still Believe and Selfie Dad are films that will inspire the church and cause people to
reflect on their personal journeys. I hope and pray these films will play a part in stirring renewal
and personal revival throughout America.

My journey continues and allows me to fulfill the call the Lord put on my life many years ago ‘to
go into all the world and preach the gospel’ with some fresh new ideas using the medium of film
to impact culture with the good news.

If you are interested in learning more about these two films and how you can utilize them to
impact your community, please email me or give me a call.

David Almgren

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