April 1, 2020

This Habakkuk One Moment

This Habakkuk One Moment

Bill MacLeod with Dennis Fuqua


Lord – if You could just stop the world for TWO WEEKS – I could get caught up!” So said our hard-working bookkeeper, and two weeks later she told me that she was sitting at her desk, relaxed, drinking coffee, listening to music…all caught up!  God IS answering prayer, and not just hers, but many! In talking recently with Dennis Fuqua, Director of IRM, fellow MC board member, and Prayer ConneXion coordinator, we acknowledged the many ways we’re seeing the Lord answer prayer during this extraordinary, unprecedented time.  Here’s what he said:

“We have all recently heard statements like “This COVID 19 is from the devil!”  Or, “God didn’t plan this, but He is using it.”  Or, “I wonder what God is doing during this time?”  Here is a question I have not heard other people ask, but it is one I have asked myself.  “I wonder what prayers God may be answering through this unusual time?”

First of all, let’s remember that God has used some pretty intense things in the past to accomplish His will.  Consider the plagues of the Exodus, or a drought during Elijah’s day, or a storm to redirect Jonah.  Or, most dramatically, consider the crucifixion of Jesus.

Habakkuk chapter one is another example.  In the first 4 verses of that chapter, Habakkuk cries out to God saying (my loose paraphrase) “Come on, God!  We have been praying and You are not acting!  Do something here!”  Then in verse 5 God answers him by saying, “I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

He goes on to say that He will use the fierce Chaldeans to bring judgement to Israel.  This thought is too much for Habakkuk.  He says, (again, a loose paraphrase) “But, You can’t do that!  Th3ey are worse than we are!  You are supposed to answer my prayers the way I anticipate it.”

I think we may be in a “Habakkuk one moment” right now.  Perhaps God is answering our prayers in a way we did not anticipate Him to.  Consider the following.

Have you even prayed that God would purify His Church, make us more serious, get our attention? Through this unusual time, He is.  Have you prayed that God would “get the church out of the building?”  Now, that is our only option.  We have prayed that God would give us more creative ways to minister. Now, we must.   Have you ever felt that life was moving too fast and you prayed that God would “Slow things down!”  Well, He has.  We have prayed that families would have more time together.  Now, they are.  We have prayed that God would help us love our (actual) neighbors.  That is happening.  And we have prayed that God would raise up more prayer.  More prayer is rising to God’s throne now than I have ever seen before!

Perhaps, just perhaps, God has heard our prayer and is answering them through our current circumstances.

But, one thing we know is that now is not the time to back off on prayer.  It is a time to accelerate it.  It is a time to grow in prayer; a time to pray more and better prayers.  That is why we are moving forward with Prayer ConneXion on Friday and Saturday, May 8-9.  However, it will not be a physical gathering.  We will not be using the facilities of Southwest Hill Baptist Church.  Instead, it will be our first “live virtual conference.”  You will be able to join us via your phone or computer.

What will be the same?  The dates, the schedule, the speakers, the workshop topics and leaders and the registration process.  What will be different?  The cost – less to you! – the manner in which we connect and communicate, and you will provide your own lunch.  Whether you have been to a Prayer ConneXion in the past or not, you are encouraged to join us.  And now you can join us from the comfort of your own home.”

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