May 10, 2020

Caring and Compelling Engagement

Bill MacLeod with John Jordan

When this current reality thrust itself upon us, many of us found ourselves floating downstream in fast-moving water. One church, Village in Beaverton, Oregon seemed to move right into action. I caught up with John Jordan, their Global Outreach Pastor; our MC Board member and friend, to learn how God had used the pandemic, and them, for His purpose and I found it quite compelling…

Bill: How did you initially respond, and what kinds of things did you, as Global Outreach Pastor, put into place with regard to your current overseas workers, your local outreach efforts, and your ministry in general in “caring for the flock” God has put in your charge?

John: Village Church is a multicultural church located in Beaverton, Oregon. Like many churches, even with advance notice, the shut-down happened faster than we could comfortably pivot to online everything. Our learning curve was steep, but …