October 6, 2020

MCNW Testimonial

Why We’re Thrilled to be Part of Mission ConneXion Each Year!

Dear Bill and Executive team of Mission ConneXion,

I’m writing to say thanks. For the past 5 years, originally at the recommendation of a local friend, members of our team have traveled from faraway places like Tennessee and Missouri to participate in Mission ConneXion Northwest. I thought it might be meaningful to you to know why we come each year, and what your ministry means to us. Kontaktmission is a Europe-founded, Europe-based ministry with over 370 missionaries from over 40 countries and serving in over 50 countries.

So here are the top 7 reasons we love Mission ConneXion, which took absolutely no effort to come up with…

1) Each year, we meet new potential missionaries! We now have several couples we’re working with to prepare for ministry in Europe, our primary field, whom we met there!

2) The sweetness and sincerity of the Christians we meet each year at the ConneXion is so encouraging! I really believe this trickles down from your leadership team, and I’m not just saying that. Your team always does such a great job of being welcoming and on message, both with regard to the gospel and the centrality of missions. It’s contagious and really enjoyable.

3) The Exhibitor area accomplishes what it’s supposed to accomplish! At some conferences, this is not the case, but at the ConneXion people come by and actually engage with us. We love it!

4) The speakers and workshop offerings are always well-conceived and excellently executed.

5) There are real results and real benefits for our organization from attending and exhibiting at the ConneXion these past 5 years. We have made up our minds that it’s one of the one or two conferences we simply will not miss each year.

6) We seriously messed up in our office a couple years ago, failing to pay for our exhibitor space on time. But when our team arrived and your team discovered the problem, they quickly scrambled around for us and found us a spot with so little stress. This really impressed our team, AND it made our business manager back in the office really happy you forgave us so easily! Way to go, and thanks for your professionalism and kindness!

7) Can I say it? We just have fun!

I’m not just making this stuff up. We really love working with everyone there, and are already looking forward to next time. Now we also have lots of great local people we know in the area to catch up with when we get there!

Many thanks and blessings to you all for your service to us and to the Lord Jesus!

Rob Harris
US Director