January 4, 2021

Speak His Name…Jesus – with Daniel Fusco

By Bill MacLeod

Wildly anticipating our conference next week, our first speaker to kick off “Speak His Name…Jesus!, is our final newsletter focus. I discovered that his last name is Latin (which fits him because he is Italian); is derived from the word fuscus which means “dark black” (which also fits him) and was held by several ancient Romans in the 1st century BC! 

Besides serving as the lead teaching pastor at, Crossroads Community Church, Vancouver, WA, he has a daily radio podcast, a daily two minute message, and a program called Real. I am really looking forward to hearing from him and in keeping with our theme, here is what our friend Daniel Fusco recently told me about his own first name…  

Bill: Do you know what your name means? How has your name, and hearing your name spoken, helped to shape who you are? 

Daniel: My name Daniel means “God is my judge.” Obviously, the sound of your name shapes us in that we see ourselves as we see how others see us. Psychologists call that the “Looking Glass Self.” In the Bible, the idea of the name denotes the nature of something. My nature was radically transformed for me when Jesus did a radical work in my life when I was 21 years old. Now I am learning to see myself as God sees me. Knowing that God is my judge causes me to only seek His approval because His will is the only thing that matters.

How did the power of Jesus Name draw you toward Him and into the work and ministry you now carry out? 

Daniel: My story is one that only Jesus could write. When I came to know Jesus my life was on a trajectory that would have landed as a professional musician. Along the way, Jesus simply invited, and I was trusting enough to say “yes.” Each unique turn in the journey was a simple invitation from the Lord and a nervous but trusting “yes” in response. That is why I love to talk about “simply responding to Jesus.” 

Given the unprecedented world-wide circumstances facing us this year – what do you think speaking the Name of Jesus can do to the world you minister in or have influence in? 

Daniel: I like to say that “every point of view is a view from a point.” With all that is going on, there are many points of view and lots of fear and division. Jesus invites us to see things from His divine vantage point and then act accordingly. The Name of Jesus impacts life in every sphere: spiritual, social, political, economic, relational, and personal. We need His all-encompassing Presence to transform our community and our world.

In your plenary session, what do you hope those listening potentially from other parts of the globe will come away with? 

Daniel: I hope that people are encouraged and inspired to see the possibilities of how Jesus wants to work in this generation and in this specific cultural moment. Life is messy but Jesus is real. He has a plan and purpose for His people. We need to step into that.