October 5, 2021

“It’s Time.” for the NORTHWEST!

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

With less than 15 weeks to go before Mission ConneXion Northwest (MCNW 2022) launches at Village Church, Beaverton, there could not be a more timely, or simple theme for January 21-22, 2022, than “It’s Time.”  Here are two of our four Plenary Speakers we are excited to tell you about right now…

Adrian Reeves is a missions mobilizer who serves as the Director for the National African American Missions Council (NAAMC). In this capacity he oversees missions programming for children, teens, and adults empowering them through resourcing, equipping, and networking for cross-cultural missions. He is also the Executive Pastor for Christ Kingdom Church in Prince George’s County MD. Adrian accepted the Lord at the age of 12 and dedicated his life to the advancement of God’s Kingdom. He strives to build capacity in God’s people through insightful instruction and edifying encouragement. Besides all of his national responsibilities, Adrian has become a trusted advisor engaging with Mission ConneXion over the past year and a half by investing many hours as a member of our monthly Zoom Steering Team meetings; helping with our Short-Term Mission (STM) ConneXion events, and, in the process, become a very close, personal friend of mine and our whole MCNW team.

Jeannie Marie is the author of Across the Street and Around the World: Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood…and Beyond and The Neighbors & Nations Course. She is also a strategist for Frontiers, a sending agency that sends people to serve in over fifty Muslim countries. She grew up in the Philippines, welcomed refugees and international students in Arizona, and then moved with her husband and four children to India. Now back in Arizona, she speaks for the three billion people in the world without access to the Kingdom of God—trying to inspire people like us to reach the nations. She has been actively promoting Mission ConneXion Southwest in Arizona where she will serve as our emcee for the November 5-6th event! You can personally connect with her in advance at www.jeannie-marie.com

Both Pastor Adrian and Jeannie Marie will provide remarkable context to our “It’s Time.” theme! To Register or for more information, please CLICK HERE.

Leadership ConneXion will also again be featured at MCNW 2022, and you’ll find more information on that in this Newsletter!