November 16, 2021

MC NORTHWEST Welcomes Andrew Scott! 

By Bill MacLeod, Executive Director

With less than 10 weeks left before the start of Mission ConneXion Northwest at Village Church, Beaverton, we are excited to welcome Andrew Scott, President/CEO of Operation Mobilization in the USA. He and his wife Sharon live outside Atlanta, Georgia, near their two grown children Ana and Daniel.

Born in Northern Ireland, Andrew joined a two-year training program on board OM’s ship MV Doulos at age 19. His time on the ship influenced him to study Theology at Belfast Bible College and to impress on his heart the importance of the Church in God’s plan for the world. 

After serving as an associate pastor in Ireland for three years, Andrew returned to the Doulos with his wife and young children for five years where he oversaw pastoral care, Bible teaching, leadership development and mentoring and spoke in churches around the world. 

When you are with Andrew, you sense there is such an urgency to “get the job done”! So, there could not be a more timely or simple theme, (or better person to articulate it than Andrew) for our January 21-22, 2022, than “It’s Time.”


Leadership ConneXion

Andrew has a passion for innovation and reframing the narrative of Christian missions for this generation. He is a gifted speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You, which he wrote to inspire Jesus followers in every walk of life to wrap their lives, passions, and skills around God’s mission. 

As part of Andrew’s vision to inspire everyday believers to share the love of Jesus in least-reached places, he and his team launched Scatter Global which was awarded the eXcelerate Award by Missio Nexus in 2017 for innovation in training models and missionary preparation.

More than ever, we are faced with how we navigate the world today. Every area around us has been adapting or struggling to survive. Leaders in ministries are looking back and hoping to see impact, while others just stay the course. Individuals are looking at their skills and giftings and longing for a greater impact for the Lord’s work. Have you been inspired by the Holy Spirit to do more in this hurting world?  Or could this be God’s way of waking us up to new possibilities?

This year’s Leadership ConneXion will welcome Andrew Scott, OM President/CEO as he comes and shares how to navigate through disruptions and helping us to see if God could be preparing your next steps in His purpose. 

Theme: Mission Disruptors

Tagline: Why Covid isn’t the only reason to rethink your missions program.

Date: Fri, Jan 21, 2022, from 9am-4pm

Place: Village Church, Beaverton

Speaker: Andrew Scott

OM USA President/CEO and OM Global Leadership Team Member

Author of Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You


Andrew Scott’s book, Scatter, will be given to each registrant that attends the Leadership Conference.