Bill and his team at Mission Connexion Northwest faithfully provide a place to inform and inspire people towards the parts of the world where Jesus is less known. Thankful for their unwavering dedication and untiring efforts.

~ Andrew Scott, President/CEO Operation Mobilization (OM) USA 

   2022 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


Mission ConneXion is a networking soup bowl—a collection of like-minded, kindred spirits stirred together for one weekend into one place—to mix in the hallways, workshops, and sessions, seasoning each other with our diverse experiences. I felt energized by people with the same vision, pursuing the same dream—God’s dream—of all the nations reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ. The interactions inspire us to keep going, become better at what we’re doing, and worship God on behalf of those that don’t…yet.

~ Jeannie Marie, Global Strategist and Author of Across the Street and Around the World

2022 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


As someone who loves both the Pacific NW and global missions, I’m so grateful for the ongoing impact of Mission ConneXion Northwest. It unifies the Church, inspires thousands to keep the main thing the main thing, and serves as a creative catalyst for holistic mission and evangelism in a challenging part of the world. I’m thrilled to see it spreading to other cities.

~ Kevin Palau, President, Luis Palau Association

2022 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


The excellence of this conference is only matched by the hospitality spirit of the people in the Northwest. The Mission ConneXion team, speakers, and location were perfectly aligned in reigniting a renewed missions focus for the church and leaders pursuing missional efforts.  The resources were plentiful and true relational kingdom connections can be made during this meeting. It was a joy to meet brothers and sisters from a different part of the vineyard who are living out God’s mission for the nations and who are willing to share their experiences. I plan to return, and I hope to see you there!

~ Pastor Adrian Reeves, Executive Director, National African American Missions Council (NAAMC)

2022 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


The church is in desperate need to be awakened to her calling of glorifying the King by making disciples of all nations.  Mission ConneXion Southwest is a needed strategic catalyst for that awakening.

~ Jeff Lewis, Pioneers

2021 Plenary Speaker, MC Southwest


The importance of cross-cultural missions has never been greater or more urgent.  Mission ConneXion Southwest furnishes a powerful and timely booster to the global and local outreach efforts of churches throughout Arizona.  There is no better place where followers of Christ can be awakened to God’s call, aligned with His purposes, and appointed to work His fields than at Mission ConneXion Southwest.

~ Seng Tan, President, International Students, Inc.  

2021 Plenary Speaker, MC Southwest


Mission ConneXion Conference is such a special time to hear from the Lord as people from many churches gather together to be spurred on in their next step towards missions. The unity, not only locally, but also globally, that is present surely commands a blessing from the Lord. I was so encouraged to hear many stories of how the Spirit was moving in the hearts of those who were attending the conference. We will look back one day and take note that this conference was a catalyst for many!

~ Dr. Florence Muindi, Life in Abundance International

2021 Plenary Speaker, MC Southwest


There are certain ministries that have such a razor-sharp focus and singular passion you can’t help but get inspired by them. Mission ConneXion is one such ministry. Bill MacLeod and his team won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has every last chance to hear the Good News of Jesus. Join them in their mission to reach this world for Jesus! I am! 

~ Greg Stier, Founder/Visionary Dare 2 Share, Author of Unlikely Fighter…The Story of How a Fatherless Street Kid Overcame Violence, Chaos and Confusion to Become a Radical Christ Follower.

2021 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


I am such a big fan of Mission ConneXion. It’s the perfect place to get built up, challenged, and inspired to join Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission. As a pastor, I am always learning new things at MC. And I LOVE to send the Crossroads Community Church family there to allow the Lord to stoke the fire of His mission in their hearts!
~ Daniel Fusco, Crossroads Community Church, Lead Pastor, Author, TV/Radio Host, 

    2021 Plenary Speaker, MC Northwest


Mission ConneXion is a “don’t miss it” event! The combination of motivation for witness – spiritual renewal through uplifting worship – and equipping to do effective evangelism in the unique culture of the Pacific Northwest, is precisely what the church needs for such a time as this! 

~ Rebecca Manley Pippert, Author, Stay Salt: The World Has Changed – Our Message Must Not

   2020 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion’s focus of encouraging you towards God’s mission is very vital. As a follower of Christ, I am encouraged by the stories of the people from different backgrounds whom I have met at Mission ConneXion. If you want to be resourced in your interest and participation in God’s mission, make it a point to attend Mission ConneXion!

~ Michael Badriaki, Global Leadership Community, Author, When Helping Works

   2020 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion overflows with a special blessing of unity! Through this conference, local churches gather together to not only unite in one purpose and heart for the nations but also to live out the spirit of unity by tangibly serving one another as the greater Body of Christ. 

~ Dr. Stephen Yoon, IGNIS Community, Pyongyang, NK

    2020 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion Northwest is a delightful missionary mosaic.  Bursting with energy and partnership joy, Mission agencies and missionaries from around the world gather to meet with pastors and parishioners who are focused on God’s global glory among all people.  I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the encouragement, the challenge, the information, the upgrading, and the vision sharing. If you are pursing God’s call on your life as a sender, or as one being sent to glorify Jesus among the unreached through making disciples and planting churches, then Mission ConneXion will serve you well and I highly recommend it to you.

~ Dick Brogden, Co-Founder of the Live Dead Movement

    2020 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion is one of the premier gatherings in America for missions!  Women and men coming together to better themselves and their organizations for the purpose of God’s great mission is an inspiring thing in and of itself, but Mission ConneXion goes one step further-it is an opportunity to equip the Church and mobilize people in tangible and exciting ways.  From workshops, seminars, exhibit experiences, and fantastic platform presentations, Mission Connexion is a must-experience conferencing event.

~ R. York Moore, InterVarsity National Evangelist & Author

    2019 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion serves as a rallying cry for the Church to love boldly and care deeply in mission work both locally and abroad. Their mission to fulfill the Great Commission in partnership with the local church is a refreshing, powerful force for lasting hope and transformation around the globe.

~ Peter Greer, CEO, Hope International

     2018 Plenary Speaker


Although I had the honor of being one of the speakers at Missions Connexion 2018, people I met during the two-day event literally altered the course of my life. As a result, I hope to be involved in Mission Connexion events in the future.

~ Jamie Winship, Identity Exchange

     2018 Plenary Speaker


For anyone searching for a fresh new way to serve God; for any believer who is thirsty for inspiration and biblical encouragement; for those who are hungry for an invigorating perspective on contemporary world missions, Mission ConneXion Northwest is for you! These exceptional missions conference is supported and surrounded by the prayers of solid Christian leaders in the Northwest who are committed to minister to the body of Christ in a powerful way. And so are the plenary speakers. Plus, the teaching and workshops are filled with Christ-centered guidance that is practical and relevant. So if you’re looking for a life-changing milestone moment in your walk with Christ, it can very well happen at Mission ConneXion Northwest – it’s the place to be!” 

~ Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center  

     2017 Plenary Speaker


It has been said that Jesus only had two verbs: “Come” and “Go”. The Church today has shown that it’s got the “Come” part down pat. But all of us need is to be challenged to “Go” Mission Connexion Northwest is an exciting, life-changing, high energy conference that inspires people to risk everything for God. It is a strategic gathering of the top Missions organizations in the world. Thank you, Bill MacLeod, for your leadership and vision to launch this great cause. Mission Connexion is mobilizing an army for Christ. Speaking at Mission Connexion was the highlight of the year for me.

~ Tom Doyle, Author and VP e3 Partners 

    2017 Plenary Speaker 


Mission ConneXion is a special event.  The dynamism of the local communities intersecting with the dynamism of global servants and opportunities is powerful and beautiful.  It was an honor to be a part.

~ Michael Y. Oh, Ph.D., Lausanne Movement | Global Executive Director / CEO

   2017 Plenary Speaker


It was amazing to see all these people there at Mission ConneXion being on fire for the Lord.  I was moved when I saw everyone wanting to serve the Lord to reach people for Christ.  

~ Andrew Palau, Evangelist, Author | Luis Palau Association

    2017 Plenary Speaker


I used to think being a believer was enough, but now I know Jesus wants us to participate, no matter what condition we’re in. Mission ConneXion can help.

~ Bob Goff, Author, Restore International, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda

    2016 Plenary Speaker



I’ve had the privilege of sharing at both Leadership ConneXion and Mission ConneXion Northwest. I found both events to be very well attended with high capacity influencers. The sessions were well planned, the worship was amazing, and the audience was very responsive. I would go back as soon as they would have me.

~ Steve Moore, President, nexleader  

    2016 Plenary Speaker


A burning passion of Jesus’ heart was the mobilization of new workers for a ready harvest.  If it was true two thousand years ago, how much more so now!  Mission ConneXion plays a strategic role in this unfolding global mission picture.  I have been privileged to participate and heartily endorse their efforts.

~ Steve Richardson, President, Pioneers USA 

   2015 Plenary Speaker


For people who love God and the Great Commission, Mission ConneXion’s January conferences outweigh the Super Bowl by far!  Bring your family and your friends to be inspired by the redemptive breadth and depth of what God has done, is doing and has yet to accomplish through the Church worldwide.

~ Don Richardson, Missionary to the Sawi Tribe, Author  

   2015 Plenary Speaker



I visit probably a dozen conferences like this every year, but Mission ConneXion really stands out.  It’s not very often that I see such depth of knowledge and commitment together.  All of the questions I answered were thoughtful and informed, and everyone there was ready to take what they were learning and go do something real with it.  They had some great teachers available to them, and ample opportunity to connect with organizations to help them use it.  It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

~ Carl Medearis, making Jesus accessible

    2014 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion is an impressive gathering of mission-minded people who are passionate about reaching all people by all means. I think Mission ConneXion is an important part of equipping the church for our work to reach the world for Jesus.

~ Rick McKinley, Pastor, Imago Dei Church

     2014 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion was exciting, informative, challenging, and unifying!  All of the venues offered distinct training/teaching yet all pointed towards the fulfilling of the Great Commission.    The music, fellowship and prayer were wonderful and the exhibits were stimulating!  Mission ConneXion is a first class production in every way.   Our prayers are that God will allow thousands more to be impacted by this superb event.    

~ Roderick J. Davis, Executive Director, TEARS Ministries

     2014 Plenary Speaker


If you want to catch God’s heart for engaging the nations and the pulse of the global Church, I cannot think of a better conference than Mission Connexion! From Biblical foundations to innovative ways of reaching out to God’s people via religious arenas, the arts and in urban contexts in North American and beyond, Mission Connexion provides instant access to the latest information, specialists in each area, and great fellowship. You’ll want to be sure to get in on the next one!

~ Roberta R. King, Associate Professor of Communication and Ethnomusicology, Fuller Seminary

    2014 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion is a tremendous effort in bringing together the Christian community to enlarge their vision for global opportunities. Oftentimes in our busy lives we neglect our responsibility to respond to the many doors God is opening worldwide.  I commend the work of Mission ConneXion to anyone who is eager to be part of a global mission.

~ Ravi Zacharias, Founder, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

    2013 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion Northwest is one of the most important, cutting edge, God-focused Ministries in the whole of the USA. Make sure you get involved.

~ George Verwer, Founder, Operation Mobilization

      2005/11 Plenary Speaker


I have been so encouraged by the work of Mission ConneXion Northwest.  Their commitment to evangelism, discipleship, and raising up the next generation of godly leaders is such a blessing.  It has been a privilege to have been involved in their Kingdom work since the very beginning, and I look forward to continuing working together as we challenge today’s young people to hold high the banner of biblical evangelism – sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  

~ Luis Palau / International Evangelist

     2002/08 Plenary Speaker


Not often am I surprised at a conference.  But Mission ConneXion Northwest absolutely blew me away.  Outstanding cutting-edge music, speakers who were able to connect, an exciting variety of seminars relevant to potential missionaries and how to pray intelligently.  You might say, ‘It Rocked!’

~ Josh McDowell, Author, Apologist

     2009 Plenary Speaker


Mission Connexion is far and away the best annual conference of all. We talk ourselves hoarse with interested and interesting delegates. It’s an ideal setting to talk with our kind of evangelicals. Can’t wait till next year. 

~ Bob Blincoe, US Director, Frontiers

    2010 Plenary Speaker


I’m excited about Mission ConneXion Northwest! These guys are passionate about the entire church engaging the entire society with the entire gospel. When the world is won for Christ, it will be because the whole body of Christ gets up on its feet – not just vocational ministers – Rock on Mission ConneXion – I encourage everyone to be a part of what they are doing! 

~ Bob Roberts, Pastor and Author of Transformation and Glocalization

     2005 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion Northwest is an awesome event that invites people of all denominations to unite together to spread the worship of Jesus to all nations! I loved the spirit of unity, servanthood, and Kingdom mindedness of Bill MacLeod and his team. The organization was professional, the staff were personal and efficient, and the cooperation across the Body of Christ in the Northwest was very inspirational to see. It is one of the best missions mobilizing events I have ever been part of.

~ Floyd McClung, Church-Planter Missions Mobilizer, S. Africa.

     2007 Plenary Speaker


You’re not going to find something of more strategic importance than Mission ConneXion Northwest to basically say to God, ‘I’m available to you for this day – speak to my heart however you want to speak to my heart…’

~ Randy Alcorn, Author, Director of Eternal Perspective Ministries

     2006 Plenary Speaker


I watched my dad pull his little mission plane out of the hangar each morning and fly off into the Amazon.  Even after he was killed, I kept loving planes and the dream of being a ministry pilot myself some day.  

How do we plant the dream of sharing God’s plan for His world with people who haven’t heard?  Well, we inform the next generation of God followers that this is a high service.  We celebrate this undertaking and we publicize those who have set an example for us to follow in Christ’s Commission.  And, we connect this new generation with ideas and organizations within which they can carry out this dream.   That is exactly what Mission ConneXion Northwest is doing – “Informing…Celebrating…[and] Igniting…Northwest Churches in Mission…”

~ Steve Saint, Missionary Pilot and Author

     2006 Plenary Speaker


I am amazed with the mobilizing power of Mission ConneXion! The plenary sessions, workshops, literature and displays serve to ignite churches and individuals towards greater understanding of where they ‘fit’ in God’s Global Purposes. Churches in the Northwest should make this event a priority on their church calendars.
~ Paul Borthwick, Development Associates International

2007 Plenary Speaker


Occasionally and in various parts of the world, God seems to raise up a movement that revitalizes the church, resulting in a great ingathering of the spiritual harvest. I believe Mission ConneXion Northwest is one of those movements. In the tradition of the well-known Hay Stack Prayer meetings of the early 19th Century, I believe that Mission Connexion Northwest is being used of God to unite and ignite local churches of the Northwest to reach the unreached with the gospel.

~ David Stevens, Pastor, Central Bible Church 

     2002 Plenary Speaker


Mission ConneXion Northwest is a unique ministry that lifts up the vision of the Great Commission and facilitates connections between people and needs and opportunities. This is another great expression of the church working together.
~ Frank DaMazio, Pastor, City Bible Church, Portland, Ore.

     2003 Plenary Speaker


I think everybody who’s a believer and is called to be involved in sharing the gospel in our community around the world should go to Mission ConneXion Northwest.

~ Bas Vanderzalm, President, Medical Teams International


I believe Mission ConneXion Northwest (formerly MissionsFest Northwest) is one of the most significant and impacting events I have ever participated in .  The co-operation amongst the churches and mission agencies is outstanding.  The speakers and workshops are always top-notch.  I strongly encourage pastors and congregations to make attending this conference every year a priority .      

~ Rev. Phillip S. Nelson, African-American Church Mobilizer for SIM (Serving in Mission)

    2005 Plenary Speaker


Mission Connexion Northwest is one of the premier tools being used today for communicating the very Heart of God – that He loves the peoples of this world and wants them to be introduced to His Son Jesus Christ. Mission Connexion Northwest serves and informs the body of Christ with a “kingdom minded” passion that is not only compelling and relevant today, but produces lasting results for eternity.

~ Bill Drake, Operation Mobilization International Worship Leader

     2003/05 Worship Leader


Christ-centered, creative, dynamic, challenging the intellect, convicting the heart, inspiring action — Mission ConneXion Northwest is all of these. I was invited as a speaker, yet found myself challenged and encouraged by other speakers, attendees, staff, and volunteers alike. God is obviously using Mission ConneXion Northwest to mobilize His people as agents of hope in a deeply troubled world.

~ Catharine Coon, Missionary to Uganda, “Children of Hope”

     2007 Plenary Speaker


As the President of OM USA, I find Mission ConneXion Northwest to be a very valuable conference, for connecting with people interested in going around the world to share the Gospel.  It is a conference that both inspires, informs and motivates people to see what they can do and how they can get involved with cross-cultural missions.  I not only have the opportunity to teach at Mission ConneXion Northwest, but I also take the opportunity to sit in on the incredible seminars, worship services and other teaching times provided.  One of things that I enjoy the most, is walking around the display area, to see all the mission agencies that are there.  It is incredibly informing and motivating to see people from the mission field, around the world, there at Mission ConneXion Northwest, sharing their vision, passion and information on how people can get involved with their ministries.  I would feel that my year is not complete if I wasn’t able to attend Mission ConneXion Northwest. 

~ Rick Hicks, President, OM USA


Mission Connexion Northwest is the local church thinking globally. Once a year MCNW wrestles with many of today’s’ critical issues locally and globally. Instead of ignoring the global situation, they meet in great numbers once a year. They talk of ideas and the tough challenges. For many in the Portland, Mission Connexion has become a key date on the yearly calendar as it is for us at Operation Mobilization.

Today the Church locally and globally is facing massive changes in world mission. How do we as the church respond to Afghanistan, the extremism in Islam, the post cold war of Eastern Europe and Russia? We face the practical problems in the world such as Aids, prostitution, dirty water and poverty. For example, today over one million Coptic Christians live on the garbage tips of Cairo and there is little hope for change. Europe has become the spiritually dark continent. We see the overwhelming and the overwhelming needs of India.  Hostility to Christianity is rising and the Muslim world often cannot separate Hollywood immorality, with Western Christianity.

For some the peoples and shores of war torn and unreached areas are far off. But today they are a plane ride away. While at the same time the world has come to us. The church must respond now that there has been a huge migration into the West.  

Join Bill and his team as they bring the hot topics to the tables of the Northwestern churches. I know Bill personally and he has been a great example to me over the years. I hope the Mission ConneXion not only develops but the local church buy into this vision in far greater numbers. It will stir local believers to walk with passion and a new generation will catch a vision to go.  The call to take the gospel to the world lies squarely on the church. Let us join together and respond.
~ Gary Witherall, Author of “Total Abandon”

     2003 Plenary Speaker


God’s designed us with certain talents that He wants to put to use and I think Mission ConneXion really gives us a vision of how God can use somebody like me…there’s nothing like it!

~ Georgene Rice, Talk Show Host, KPDQ-FM



You’re probably saying, ‘you know pastor, I don’t have time for another conference, I don’t have time to listen to anything else talking to me about missions’, but what we’re trying to do is to get the word out to individuals and to congregations that missions need you…you can be on the mission field…you can be active in missions, and what a great place to come and find out, get your questions answered, talk to somebody, develop some relationships…then come to Mission ConneXion Northwest…I invite you to come to Mission ConneXion Northwest – you’ll be blessed!

~ T. Allen Bethel, Pastor, Maranatha Church, Portland



Going to a Mission ConneXion weekend I believe opens up so many new possibilities, dreams, and visions.

~ Ray Cotton, Pastor, New Hope Community Church, Portland


The mandate of Jesus Christ to His disciples and to all of us that believe and love Him is still current, and has not changed for generations – “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20) With that mandate, I believe  Mission ConneXion Northwest formerly Missions Fest Northwest is doing its best to get every evangelical church and believer not only in the northwest but all over the country to make sure they take His mandate to heart. After all, Jesus is not returning until “This Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matt. 24:14)  Since coming to know Christ as a result of mission work in the jungles of the Philippines, I marvel in AWE at how God works and uses His people to be an instrument of His grace even to the ends of the earth. With Mission ConneXion Northwest involving churches all over the Northwest, it will be exciting to see men and women and children willing to ‘stand in the gap’ for the cause of Christ until everyone hears at least once about Jesus Christ. That’s why I endorse the work of Mission ConneXion Northwest, because I believe it is another  mission tool in which God uses to equip, build, encourage and challenge God’s people all over the Northwest and perhaps all over the USA and Canada, ‘to go  and make disciples of all nations’ so that even those over 2,000 languages remaining on earth who have never read a portion of His Word in their heart language will one day have a chance, especially as Mission ConneXion Northwest challenges churches and men and women everywhere for His glory!
~ Nard Pugyao, Isnag People Group, Wycliffe Bible Translators

    2002 Plenary Speaker


People across the continent are awakening to the fact that God is on the move. One way for believers to become knowledgeable and prayerful about what God is doing is to be immersed in mission gatherings. Mission Connexion Northwest is one such event. Having taken part as a plenary speaker (for Missions Fest Northwest), I commend the leadership for their commitment in putting together this conference. It is a forum that allows believers to hear the latest news of God at work today, and invites them to consider how they might become involved. I encourage every believer to attend any of these events. Be a part of what God is doing – come and learn!

~ Ron Pearce, President, Empower Ministries International

    2003 Plenary Speaker


There are certain significant developments in global missions today which are shaping the future and direction of missions.  These include a greater direct involvement in by local churches, an increasing awareness of how close and easily accessible the harvest fields are to us, i.e. (at our doorsteps), and a more strategic partnership developing between older mission-sending bases and the newer ones.  Mission ConneXion Northwest has become a seedbed, a facilitator and an incubating arena for articulating and actualizing these critical phenomena of missions in the 21st century. 

~ Reuben Ezemadu, International Director, Christian Missionary Foundation, Inc. 

   2008 Plenary Speaker 


“I praise God for Mission ConneXion Northwest and am completely impressed by them.  They bring in top speakers from around the nation and minister, not just to the individual, but to the entire family, giving what is missing in most conferences: practical steps of obedience in obeying God’s heart for the nations.  Make sure you don’t miss the next Mission ConneXion Northwest!”

~ Bob Sjogren, President, UnveilinGlory

   2008 Plenary Speaker



Mission ConneXion Northwest Plenary Speakers

2002 “Enlarge Your Borders!”
Luis Palau

Clive Calver

Nard Pugyao

Rev. David Stevens


2003 “Finishing God’s Story…No Matter What!”
Ron Pearce

Ruth Ruiba

Rev. Frank Damazio

Gary Witherall



2005 “No Limits…Impact Your World!”          

Rev. Bob Roberts

Rev. Phillip Nelson

Joanne Shetler

George Verwer



2006 “Whatever It Takes!”

Steve Saint & Mancayae

Justin Speerstra

Rev. Randy Alcorn


2007 “Impacting Nations!”

Paul Borthwick

Floyd McClung

Catharine Coons

Skip Lanfried


2008 “What’s Next…for You!”

Luis Palau

Heather Mercer

Bob Sjogren

Reuben Ezemadu


2009 “Livin’ on the Edge!”

Josh McDowell

Dr. Sameh Maurice

Shelly Cook Volkhardt


2010 “Reconciling Nations!”

Bishop John Rucyahana

Joseph D’Souza

Bob Blincoe

Richard Twiss


2011 “Set Free – by the Power of the Gospel!”

George Verwer

Dr. Brian Fikkert

Dr. Valerie Shean

Daniel Oh


2012 “Your Passion…God’s Purpose…Your Call!”

Bishop Joel Jeune

Bill Job

Fouad Masri

Miriam Adeney


2013 “No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets”

Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Brad Buser

Libby Little


2014 “To All Peoples By All Means”

Carl Medearis

Dr. Roberta King

Roderick Davis


2015 “Barriers and Breakthroughs”

Don Richardson

Steve Richardson

J.D. Payne

Ramesh Richard


2016 “Without Borders”

Bob Goff

Steve Moore

Steve Hawthorne

Leroy Barber


2017 “Who is Able?”

Joni Eareckson Tada

Tom Doyle

Michael Oh

Andrew Palau


2018 “There is Hope”

Francis Chan

Peter Greer

Jamie Winship

Samuel Stephens


2019 “Worth It?”

Luis Palau

Heather Mercer

Nik Ripken

York Moore


2020 “ONE”

Stephen Yoon 

Becky Pippert

Dick Brogden

Michael Badriaki

Michael Ramsden      



2021 “Speak His Name…Jesus!”

Greg Stier

Natacha Chantel

Daniel Fusco

Issam Raad