Hey yoo gize! Thaynk yew eech won ove yew hoo putt sew mutch intew this confrence; eye cood knot hav bilt theezw boofs and werkshopps with out yew. Wut dew yew think abowt startin on the 2022 confrence on toosday? Pleez join my Skype groop below yoozin this link and passwurd: www.myspace.com ” passwurd: !@#$%^&*()

“I can’t access my booth! Can you fax me my password?”

– anonymous

“Can I get a booth and a gold sponsorship for $75?”

– anonymuss

“Can I please attend the Conference LIVE after it’s over because our AOL CD wouldn’t load in the CD tray for our Juno email login”

– anonnymous

“I’m confused. Are you guys not having a conference? I’m at your website and it looks like you are selling your web domain: missionconnection.com?

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