China Outreach Ministries reaches out to Chinese students and scholars at U.S. universities. Through friendship, services, Bible studies and discipleship, we equip Chinese men and women to become strong, multiplying believers.

“There’s no better way to make disciples of all nations than to reach international students in our universities.” (Tim & Michael Keller, “The Uniqueness of University Evangelism”, The Gospel Coalition)

“Because of my own conversion experience, I feel strongly called to reach out to Chinese students and to spread the Gospel through my testimony.” (COM campus worker who learned about Jesus through COM outreach when she was a student in the U.S.)

“I want to give my family and friends the Gospel when I return home. No other thing is more important than this. I hope all my family and relatives and friends around me can know the gospel and Jesus through me. Hope God can use me and help me to do this.” (Visiting scholar)

“I am thankful for spending every Friday evening and Sunday with brothers and sisters to experience the love of God through study and prayer.” (Visiting scholar writing about COM ministry)

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