Because Jesus is real, we are a family of faith, fully engaged, transforming our community and our world. Crossroads is a family of faith made up of thousands of stories of God’s redemption. We are people who Jesus has lived and died for, saved by grace, in process and growing in faith together as we simply respond to Jesus.

What To Expect

Our services are based around worship, fellowship, a Bible teaching and an opportunity to respond to the life-giving message of Jesus. Our music, language and style is contemporary, but our roots are deeply traditional, Biblically speaking.

Ministries We Offer

Feel free to explore our ministries pages to find the best fit for you! If you are looking for a particular ministry or have any questions on how to get connected, please call our Church Office at 360-256-9711 or email.

We Care About Your Kids

We believe that God’s plan from the start has been for our church and our families to work together for the spiritual formation of the next generation. We are committed to share Jesus with your kids and help them to grow in their faith so that their relationship with God becomes something they treasure. We also provide the tools that our parents need to help them become the primary faith influencers of their children.

We Want You To Feel Comfortable

We make it a priority to train and equip our volunteers and staff to effectively connect with our visitors to help them feel welcomed and get them integrated into the church body. If you are visiting and need any assistance whatsoever, please feel free to ask someone with a T-shirt or name badge and they will do their best to help you.

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