That all Christians would support at least one missionary, and all missionaries would be fully funded.

Missionaries who are raising funds can create a profile on the site at no cost, describing their ministry, where they will be ministering, what job skills they will be applying, and lots more.

Christians who are interested in supporting a missionary can discover a missionary that they might be called to support. Perhaps you might support a missionary working in the same industry as you. Maybe you have a heart for a particular country and want to partner with someone ministering there. With Ergatas, you can find missionaries from different organizations, all over the world!

About Us

How Does Ergatas Work?

Typically, missionaries have to go out and find their partners - Ergatas changes that, allowing anyone to find a missionary.

Searching for Missionaries?

Search for a missionary based on whatever criteria interests you. Find missionaries all over the world, no matter their organization.

Are You a Missionary?

Create a free profile, telling the world about your ministry. Let future partners find you! It's free! We don't take any part of donations.

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