EBLM is the Christian Alternative to BLM, focused on REAL Solutions. We are Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Free Markets.

You are not a racist, but there’s no way you can embrace BLM and their Marxist leaders. Yet BLM is telling you that “Silence is Violence!” and that you are a racist for not speaking up. So what do you do? You embrace the fact that
EVERY Black Life Matters.

We provide education, training, and a bridge to engage with BLM protesters and those who mistakenly believe America is a racist nation.

Did you know that many Churches are being browbeaten into adopting Critical Race Theory and it’s inherent false teachings?

You need to ensure it doesn’t happen in your church. EBLM can organize a conference at your Church to train your pastors and your members on how to lovingly refute Critical Race Theory and have a Biblical answer to BLM.


Is your church becoming “WOKE”?
Is your church adopting Critical Race Theory?
Is your church inviting pro-BLM speakers and buying into BLM’s agenda?

How do you stop this infiltration? Is there an alternative training that actually addresses and solves the REAL problems of black plight?

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