Training people to follow up with new believers. Focus is on the basic knowledge, attitudes, and practices of the Christian faith that are necessary for people to become lifelong followers of Jesus.

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On average, only 6% of converts from evangelistic crusades have held onto their faith a year after making a commitment to Christ – if they didn’t receive good follow-up right away. Why?… 

…Only God knows whether a person’s initial surrender to Christ was heartfelt and true. However, tragically, one of the most prevalent reasons for new believers abandoning their faith is also the most preventable – lack of follow-up. All too often new believers simply do not receive the mentoring in faith that they need.

“I just want to encourage you to invest in this ministry. God is working deeply. It is a generational work that is happening in this nation. God is at work in this group of people and using this ministry.”
-Wendy Palau

“My heart aches for people around the world who don’t know Christ and live with guilt, anger, and the crushing weight of their past mistakes. I want them to experience the joy, forgiveness, freedom, and love of walking hand-in-hand with God.”
-Richard Gardner

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