Connecting generations to restore hope in communities and help young people discover their God-given potential

“IN LARGE MEASURE, what’s causing this crisis of American childhood is a lack of connectedness. We mean two kinds of connectedness — close connections to other people, and deep connections to moral and spiritual meaning.”

“Daniel (mentor) helped me In the decisions I make… getting me out of trouble. I got into trouble last year, a lot. I don’t want to go through that same thing again, I want to get good grades, I want to go to college.”
– Luis, mentee

“I am a better person today, I am making better decisions at home and at school. I am a better son to my parents today, thanks to the program and to people like my mentor Eugenio, willing to invest in kids like me.”
– Gabriel, mentee

“Something I wanted to tell you that I just didn’t – is that I never grew up with a father figure in my life and your kinda like that. So, when you tell me these things I listen and think, I feel this is what I’ve needed for me to change… someone to tell me what I’ve done wrong so I can fix it, so I can be held accountable. Thank you for that.” –
Jorge, mentee

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