Providing exceptional neonatal care and a safe haven to the smallest, sickest, and most vulnerable children of Haiti.

In Haiti, 37,000 babies are born too soon each year and 2,700 children under five die due to direct preterm complications.

Our Medical Ministry is focused predominantly on neonatal premature intensive care. As a result of the lack of prenatal medical care, poor maternal nutrition, and the hard life that many mothers must live, many infants are born premature or with low birth weights. Most of these infants struggle to live and many die due to lack of proper care.


A report by UNICEF found that in 2012, there were 264,887 live births in Haiti, and a neonatal mortality rate of 25.4 per 1,000 live births, placing the country in the bottom tier for infant mortality rate.

God’s Littlest Angels was founded to help these infants survive that initial neonatal period where so many infants are lost due to hypothermia, dehydration, infection, weakness and the inability to suck on a normal bottle. Our survival rate is over 90% for all preemies admitted to the nursery. After treatment, the majority of these infants are able to return home to their families.

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