To connect God’s people who are looking for opportunities to serve with sending agencies, mobilization organizations, schools, and ministries in need of workers, through our discovery and development process.

Our Vision: To significantly increase the number of global kingdom workers from every generation to serve the Lord among the nations.

“Through MissionNext contacts we ended up joining United World Mission and have been in Prague for three years now. It has been truly amazing and we are thankful to MissionNext for the help along the way.” –
Bill & Jennifer

“I am very pleased with MissionNext and will always use your partnership as the Lord grows our mission to Guatemala. I know that in the future we will need more of the traditional missionary positions and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

– Jeff, Child Beyond International

Just want to let you know that Harvesters is VERY thankful for your ministry. MissionNext is the only connection we have to find people to fill our needs. We have just started a conversation with a doctor to fill one of our positions in Africa, and we have had other connections in the past as well.”

– Jay, Harvesters Reaching the Nations

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