PAK7 is a strategic and exciting new ministry sharing the Good News of God’s love with the people of Pakistan through high-quality Christian television and new media.

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In 2020 PAK7’s videos were watched over 12 million times in Pakistan (and in over 2 million cases, were watched to the end)

PAK7 makes a range of programs for children and young adults, including a reality-TV show that has been made for national TV.

‘PAK7 children’s programs are very important in this day and time. They are very animated, simple, in our own language and the kids are watching them with great interest. Thank you PAK7, God bless you’
– Jennifer, Mother

‘One viewer was very depressed and suicidal, but thank God he contacted us so I could share Jesus with him! When he contacted us I got a chance to tell him about the real love that our God has for us, he listened and agreed that he needs to build his relationship with God. At the end of the conversation I was able to pray with him.’
– Dawood, PAK7 Responder

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