Millions of children worldwide are separated from their families and deprived of the love, care, and protection that every child needs. This doesn’t have to happen.

“Lisa and I are very inspired about the new way to take care of children. We think we can contribute a lot to helping change the way we care for orphans and vulnerable children with all the information that your organisation made available to us.”
– Yvonne

“I have read/reviewed much of what Faith to Action has put out about transitioning and appreciate your resources. We used them extensively, along with Better Care Network, and several others, to develop Back2Back’s family strengthening program.” 
– Strong Families.

“The F2A training will further inform our understanding of the various elements of transitioning kids from institutional care to bio/kinship or foster homes, including the complexity of it. My wife and I transitioned six kids from an institution in Mexico to their bio homes, and learned a lot from that experience. We will be helping the other Back2Back sites with this process, hopefully sooner than later.”
– Erick

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