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Plenary Sessions

Francis Chan video
Francis Chan downloadable audio
Peter Greer video
Peter Greer downloadable audio
Samuel Stephens video
Samuel Stephens downloadable audio
Jamie Winship video
Jamie Winship downloadable audio



The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Myth or Miracle?
Does God Cause Disasters & Tragedies?
How Do You Explain the Gospel to the Unchurched?
Is Mormonism Christian?


Business as Mission
Business & Mission, Really?
Missions from the Business Perspective (Not Available)
Perspectives on Business as Mission (Not Available)
Sharing Your God-Given Skills with Unreached Peoples (Not Available)


Cross Cultural Adaptation
Making Sense to Muslims (By request only)
How to Create a Culture of Culture
When Helping Works (Not Available)
Biblical Principles for Effective Preparation for Cross-Cultural Ministry


Current Issues in Mission
Western Support Without Western Dependence
DMM: Finishing the Great Commission
Racial Unity & the Great Commission
How a New Generation Is Changing Missions (Not Available)


Effective Evangelism
The Strategic Role of the Evangelist in the Mission of the Church
Maximizing Harvest Potential Among Unreached People 
Opening a Culturally Relevant Gospel Conversation
Reach Out Don’t Freak Out


Emotional Crisis Care (Not Available)
What Grieving Might Look Like
Assisting the Suicidal Person
Helping People Through Their Grief
Understanding Children’s Response to Grief Trauma & How to Help (cxld)


Explore Missions
Is Missions for Me?
Find Your Fit


Fundraising for Mission
Personal Support #1: Getting Started 
Personal Support #2: Telling Your Story
Personal Support #3: What Churches Want, What You Need to Give Them
Personal Support #4: Raising Support for Short Term Mission Trips


Holy Cow? Hinduism & the Open Doors it Presents for Sharing Christ (Updated 2/5: Not Available)
Ten Tips for Sharing Christ With Your Hindu Friend: Part 1
Ten Tips for Sharing Christ With Your Hindu Friend: Part 2 
MARG -Making Authentic Relationships Grow Among Hindus in the US (By Request Only)


Islam (Not Available)
Refugees in the Contest of World Mission
Community Development in Restricted Access Countries
An Honor/Shame Case Study from Islam
Islam & the Great Commission


Mission Aviation
So You Want to Fly? What is Mission Aviation?
The Sky’s Not the Limit: Opportunities in Mission Aviation
Mission Aviation Training: Are You up for It?
So You Want to Fly? What is Mission Aviation?


Missionary Care
Caring for Your Short-Term Mission Teams
The Missionary & Their Ecosystem: Helping Your Missionary Thrive
Prayer Care: Caring for Your Missionary Through Prayer
Shifting From Care to Collaboration: Mobilizing Through Care


Mobilizing Your Church for Mission
Launching & Supporting Church Members into Mission
Community Collaboration to Meet Complex Needs
Indigenous Ministry Partnerships: Miskito People of NE Nicaragua
Indigenous Ministry Partnerships: Roma and Serbs of Serbia


Nations at Your Doorstep
Pitch, Catch & Run: The Basics of Crossing Cultures (By Request Only)
How Do I Know if God Is Calling Me? (Not Available)
Navigating Political Correctness
Questions to Peel the Worldview Onion (By request only)


Plenary Speakers Q&A
With Francis Chan
With Peter Greer
With Jamie Winship
With Samuel Stephens


Prayer & Spiritual Warfare
Prayers Missionaries Want You to Pray
Forgiveness: Our Great Missional Weapon
Missional Prayer
Jesus’ Motivation for Mission


Preparing to Serve in Mission
How to Discover Your Best Pathway Into Missions
The Two Greatest Concerns When Considering Missionary Service
Equipping for Spiritual Warfare in Your Missions Preparation Process
How to Maximize Your Missions Involvement as You Leave Mission ConneXion


Restricted Access Nations
Community Development in Restricted Access Countries (Not Available)
Reaching the Unreached in Communist, Buddhist, Hindu, & Muslim Countries
I Come in Peace: Befriending the Aliens Among Us
Using Technology to Reach People in Restricted Access Areas (Not Available)


Scripture Engagement
Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation 1
Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation 2
Scripture Engagement in Indonesia
Scripture Arts in Indonesia


Secret Church (Pending Review)
Held for Ransom
Silent Worship
Secret Service (Not Available)
Counting the Cost


Short-Term Mission (STM)
Employing Best Practices in Your Church’s STM Program
Sex & STM: Moral Purity Issues in Short-term Mission (Not Available)
Rethinking Orphanage Visits: Child Safe Mission Trips
Is it Worth the Risk? When to Go, Cancel, or Reroute an STM Trip


Teaching English in Missions
Teaching English as Mission, Locally & Globally
Teaching English as Mission, Locally (Part 1)
Teaching a Language of Power & Sharing a Gospel Rooted in Humility
Teaching English as Mission, Globally (Part 2)


Women in Mission
The Women Who Proclaim Are a Mighty Throng
Praying to Proclaim
Preparing to Proclaim (Not Available)
Victory in Proclaiming


Views of the World: Is the Lens Shame, Guilt, or Power?
Views of the World: You, Me, or Us?
Views of the World: Spiritual, Physical or Both?
Views of the World: Relationship in Honor/Shame Cultures