(Brick Room, 126)
(Capacity: 125)
The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Some of Jesus’ sayings don’t make sense or cause people to question the truthfulness of the Bible. This workshop will look at several of Jesus’ most controversial statements.

Is God a Moral Monster?

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Skeptics struggle believing God is all-loving when He commanded Israel to destroy the Canaanites—including children. This workshop will address all the relevant issues. 
A Skeptic’s Questions About Jesus

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Christians must be able to explain the theological statements made in the New Testament regarding Jesus. If we don’t, we may begin to doubt our faith as well as our unchurched friends. 
Are the Crucifixion/Resurrection Accounts Accurate?

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

The accuracy of the crucifixion/resurrection accounts are vital to Christianity. This workshop will provide explanations to apparent contradictions within the Gospel accounts.
Apologetics for Kids
(Back Room, 125)
(Capacity: 175)
True for You, but Not for Me – Equipping Our Children to Discern & Follow Truth

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Culture bombards our kids with the idea that truth is subjective. Come explore ways we can help our children understand, discern, and follow objective truth.
Using Critical Thinking to Prepare Our Children for Lifelong Discipleship

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

We want our kids to understand that Christianity is not a blind faith. Come explore how we develop in the critical thinking skills they will need to be lifelong disciples of Jesus in a secular culture.
Equipping Our Children to Navigate the LGBTQ Movement in Truth & Love

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Come explore how can we prepare our children to live out a biblical, reality-based understanding of sexuality while caring for our neighbors in truth and love. 
Helping Our Children Navigate Doubt

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Hearing our kids express doubts can be intimidating. Come explore way to embrace our kids’ uncertainties, while also pointing them to the truth of the Christian worldview.
Bible Translation
(Capacity: 25)
Bible Translation Primer

Dr. James Williams

Why did it take 10 years to translate the Bible into Spanish? Hear the complexities of Bible translation from the man who led a team to produce the Nueva Traducción Viviente.
How Did the Nueva Traducción Viviente Come To Be?

Dr. James Williams

Hear the details in the process of gathering the right team, the timeline, and the challenges surrounding translation issues.
Avoid Making Errors in Translation

Dr. James Williams

Want your documents translated? Learn to avoid the most common errors in translation from Dr. James Williams, 50-year member of the Luis Palau Association.
How To Work With an Interpreter

Dr. James Williams

There are many opportunities to travel to foreign nations to preach the Gospel and it is often necessary to use an interpreter. Learn tips to communicate with an interpreter.
Business As Mission
(Gathering Center)
(Capacity: 70)
Missions from the Business Perspective

John Warton

An overview of the “Business as Mission” movement, from community banks and micro-loans to public companies operating internationally.  Guests will report on the models they are using.  Q&A
Features of a Kingdom Business

John Warton

The divide between sacred and secular is non-Biblical and costly.  Consider the dynamic potentials for the Kingdom of God when employing Biblical values overseas or at home.
How to Get Engaged in Business as Mission

John Warton

University business schools, local churches, marketplace ministries, visionary entrepreneurs – all are engaged in this key missions strategy.  Discover your options, consider ‘best practices’. Q&A
Worldwide Mobilization for Business as Mission

John Warton

All the major world missions movements – Lausanne, WEA, TransformWorld – are engaging the business communities in missions, as are traditional mission agencies.  Discover how best to get engaged.  Q&A
Creative Arts
(Capacity: 32)
Tent-Making As A Lifestyle

Denny Nkemontoh

Transform your community and the world by inviting others into your life and passions. Share yourself and watch what God does with that gift.
Creating in Community: The Healing Balm of Missional Art

April Near

There is significant healing of individuals and groups when process art is done in the context of community. 
The Rhythm of God’s Heart for the Nations

Jerry Chapman

Every human has a visceral reaction to the call of the drum. What does it mean to walk in rhythm with the Creator?
Reclaiming Hope Through Love & Exploration

Jill Nelson

An opportunity to try something new or scary within a supported environment can help traumatized kids shed fear and begin to see their unique value and gifting. 
(Capacity: 100)
Biased New World Translation

Jack Sande

The New World Translation by the Jehovah Witnesses has been wrongly manipulated to present a different Jesus than what the Greek texts supports.
Growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness Home

Isaac Saavedra

I will share my experiences and observations growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness home. I will include topics on communion, holidays, the cross, and life after death.
The Web of Mormonism: How They Lure You In & How Hard it is to Leave

Stacey Lane

The public image of Mormonism is about inclusion, family and integrity. Mormonism works off of guilt-ridden members. The cost of leaving is high for families and individuals.

The Book of Abraham: Could Joseph Smith Translate Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

Marshall Almarode

Joseph Smith claimed to read and translate Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  Marshall will show very simple ways to prove that Joseph Smith couldn’t read anything Egyptian.
Disciplemaking Basics
(Capacity: 40)
The Deconversion of Disciples

Dr. John Marriott

It is not uncommon for those who make a commitment to Christ to either quietly fade away or loudly renounce their faith. In this session we will look at the problem of faith exit and some of the reasons why it occurs. 
The End Result of Disciplemaking

Chris Adsit

“Begin with the end in mind.” Why even start a process if you don’t have a clear understanding of the finished product? This workshop will give you Biblical definitions of a “disciple” and “disciplemaking.”
Cracking the Disciplemaking Code: Needs Assessment

Chris Adsit

What you teach a growing disciple should depend on where they are in their journey of maturity, and what God is doing in their life. In this workshop you’ll learn a practical method of assessing these issues.
What to do After they Say, “I do”

Richard Gardner

The most important things you can do for a new believer is not what you would expect. Though many things are good for a new believer to learn and do, the best is to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and secondly to learn how to life a whole life of faith. 
Effective Evangelism
(Capacity: 40)
Contextualizing the Gospel

Josh Chen

Sometimes it feels like our Gospel presentations are answering questions people are no longer asking. In this workshop we will explore how to contextualize the gospel.
How to Use Mission Teams for Evangelism

Alan & Vicki Greene

Mission teams are a great opportunity to reach people and they should be strategic about incorporating evangelism. Hear how you can bring the Gospel into your mission.
One Minute Witness

Alan Greene

Learn to engage others in spiritual conversations and discover a practical and easy way to share your faith story without fear with anyone.
Using Skateboarding To Open Doors & Change Lives

Tim Byrne & Dave Smith

Learn how a skateboard park in Portland influenced a global ministry movement that has reached millions of people, both skaters, and non-skaters worldwide.
Families on Mission
(Capacity: 40)
Dealing with Your Family & Extended Family

Don & Ele Parrott

Come prepare your family for missions ministry (spiritual preparation, studying culture, language, country, expect attacks and more) Also, how to deal with your extended family who will miss you.
Children’s Schooling, Community Impact & How to Stay, Not Stray

Don & Ele Parrott

Five schooling options for children, family opportunities (your community, your neighbors, the friends of your children) Keys to Staying, Steps to Bailing.
Preparation for Cross-Cultural Living

Don & Ele Parrott

How to deal with the stress from cultural and language immersion, family roles, language learning and ministry expectations.
Friendly Fire & Children Returning to the U.S. for Schooling

Don & Ele Parrott

How to deal with questions, doubt, criticism, pressure from friends and extended family members.  How to handle the older children returning to U.S. for schooling.
Freedom & Justice
(Capacity: 40)
Light in the Darkness

Leslie Yoder

Through testimony we will look at complex trauma and God’s heart for justice, healing and restoration. We will explore how we can live missionally out of our healing and transformed lives to reach the vulnerable, forgotten and exploited in our communities.
Restoration is Possible

Esther Nelson

This workshop will focus on the role of advocacy and collaboration in support of those victimized in the
commercial sex industry.
Rescue the Right Way

Michael Geiger

Developing a trauma informed response to the commercial exploitation of children and adults.
Develop Freedom & Justice Views

Tracy Daugherty

This workshop will look through the lens of Scripture at the oppression and exploitation of women. Come expand your world view of social justice to align with Biblical Justice.
International Students
(Capacity: 32)
Preparing Students for Persecution: 1

Carmen Bryant

Hatred toward Christians is growing. Five of the top ten nations sending students to the US are among the world’s top persecutors. How does this affect campus ministry?
Preparing Students for Persecution: 2

Kerry Sinclair

At least 60% of international students are from countries that persecute Christians. What is needed in ISM while they are here to prepare them to stand firm and not drop out?
Partnering in Gospel Ministry with Christian International Students

Jonathan Guest

Missionaries often rely upon cross-cultural partnerships with local believers. Learn how Christian international students can multiply your ministry to the nations among us.
Go to All Ethnic Groups: Revisiting Matthew

Carmen Bryant

Church tradition says that true missions requires crossing an ocean. In contrast, Jesus speaks about ethnic groups, not countries. ISM is strategic world mission.
(Community Life Center)
(Capacity: 75)
Evangelizing Muslim Friends

Sanhosh Kumasi

Learn some of the practical ways of sharing your faith with your Muslim friends and acquaintances. How to help Muslims overcome the top three hurdles for them to accept Christ as the Messiah.
Introduction to Islam

Tom Dewer & Carl Pfander

This workshop will be covering the Five pillars of Islam, the basic beliefs, practices and cultural do’s and don’ts. If time permits we will be discussing some of the current approaches to connecting with Muslims and their strengths and weaknesses.
Churches Reaching the Middle East Through Health Care

Isaam Raad

The Great Physician is on the move! Discover how your church can partner with Arab Christians demonstrating the love of God through clinics and hospitals reaching thousands with faith-driven medical relief.
Indonesian Islam: Challenges & Opportunities

Barry Tabor

Islam has been in Southeast Asia for over 500 years, but is unique in several ways. This workshop will give a brief overview to cultural realities and strategic opportunities so as to assist the cross cultural worker in winning Muslims to Christ.
Local Initiatives
(Capacity: 40)
Combining Forces in Local Campus Ministry

Garrett Berk

How do we as the Church effectively combine resources and skills to reach domestic and international students on local campuses?
The Church & Local Missions

Zachary Gillock

Many churches are wrestling with what local missions can look like. We’ll be looking at God’s heart for missions and discussing a Biblical framework for looking at poverty.
How God Put a College Degree Program in an Oregon Prison

Tom Kohl

Come learn how the Lord is using multiple organizations to transform the prison system in Salem Oregon. Using education, mentoring and counseling of inmates, God is on the move!
Learn How to Reach Hindus Locally

Brad Butcher

Information Technology has drawn many Hindus to the NW. Come learn how to reach them from a team working locally. You can even sign up to join an outreach or two in the months that follow. 
Missionary Care
(Capacity: 40)
The Healing Power of Listening

Lynn Paulsen

“Be quick to listen” – possibly the most violated command in Scripture. Our hearts long to connect, to be known and loved. But there’s a price, thus we say ‘pay’ attention.
The Cost of Caring: Dealing with Vicarious Trauma

Steven Tracy

Vicarious trauma results from witnessing human suffering. It is a great missionary challenge. This workshop will explore how to deal effectively with vicarious trauma.
Caring for Missionary Kids

Tim Boettcher

No MK has exactly the same experience. Yet they have common experiences as well as challenges. Understanding these becomes the basis for knowing how to care for them.
Sexuality & Member Care: A Model for Living & Responding

Rand & Phyllis Michael

From a perspective of “Christian stewardship,” a multifaceted model of positive sexuality is explained and application in living and ministering is considered.
Mission Basics
(Capacity: 32)
Why Missions?

Summer Root

Missions is often a word that is overused and misunderstood. Let’s go back to the basics and define terms, ideas, and concepts from a Biblical and global perspective. 
Called Me Maybe?

Tim Hartman

Many missionaries have a clear call from God to go serve cross-culturally…some do not. Is that okay? Is it necessary?  Let’s try to clarify the confusion.
Living A Missional Life

Summer Root

You know about missions.  Your heart is stirred for the lost.  But how do you apply the theory of missions into every day life?  Let’s learn some ways to put missional living into practice.
Let’s Get Going!

Don Johnson

I’m ready to serve, but how do I get started?  We’ll discuss the issues and processes involved in joining and serving with an agency and/or taking more non-traditional routes to serving in missions.
Next Generation
(Capacity: 110)
Understanding Today’s Global Youth Culture: Values & Worldviews

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

This session presents a broad overview of the significant cultural and generational shifts in our global society, with key insights for those mentoring the next generation.
Keys to Intergenerational Ministry Teams & Leadership

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

This session looks at generational traits and behaviors. We will consider key strategies in regard to work ethic, ministry values, team building, and leadership styles.
Challenges & Opportunities for Millennials & Gen Z in Mission

Dr. Jolene Erlacher & Dr. Robert Marriott

This session considers key challenges and opportunities that Millennials and Gen Z face as they seek to grow in their faith and serve God in our changing society.  
Next Gen Leaders in Mission: A New Season

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

Young believers in America today live in a post-Christian, post-missions context. What does this mean for young godly leaders and those who train and encourage them? 
Plenary Speakers
(Courtyard Room)
(Capacity: 100)
Q&A with…

Michael Badriaki
Q&A with…

Dick Brogden
Q&A with…

Dr. Stephen Yoon
Q&A with…

Becky Pippert
Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
(Capacity: 50)

Biblical Ways to Pray for

Dennis Fuqua

What is the best way to pray for our missionary friends? We will look at several Biblical
models of prayer that can help us pray well
for them.

Prayer-walking and the Power of Agreement

James Autry

Here you will understand more about
Prayer-walking and 3 aspects of Faith. Without all 3 aspects, our prayers tend to remain
shallow, but with them working together, our
prayers will bear much fruit.

Initiated and Sustained

Jody Mayhew

What will it take to see a move of God
initiated and sustained in a given region?
We will look at ways to move from personal
to corporate renewal.

How to Resist the “Ask” Addiction

Doug Hazen

You will change your prayer life as you discover
the priority and practice of worship as a perfect
preparation and context for intercession.

Reaching the Unreached
(Capacity: 50)
How do we Begin? What About the Bible?

Rev Dr V J Samkutty

Is ‘mission’ across cultures still important in 2020? Biblical evidence from 4500 years, right up to today shows its vital importance for every Christian everywhere!
Running the Race with Hurdles

Andy Dipper

What can we expect and prepare for in mission today? Building resilience, learning from those oppressed and persecuted for their faith, as we boldly go, whether near or far.
Listening to God’s Voice in the Noisy World

Mirte Jorine ter Wal

What’s Gods plan for your life? So many opportunities, some helpful and others less so. Being ‘real’ as Christians, not compromising yet ensuring we are relevant! #mychallenge
The Finishing Line Ahead- How we Prepare for What’s Next

All Nations Team

#finishingwell means preparing effectively. Learning from Biblical figures, inspired & energized for the journey ahead. Ready for an incredible ride, full on with Jesus!
Refugee Response
(Capacity: 50)
Thinking Biblically About The Global Refugee Crisis

Cameron Marvin

Today’s refugee crisis is an overwhelming, complex, and geopolitical issue. We’ll consider how the scriptures inform and shape our response to “sojourners” both near and far.
Understanding The Resettlement Process

Seth King

We’ll explore the details of resettlement both abroad and in the United States, giving context to a lengthy process that is mostly misunderstood.
A Refugee’s Journey

Seth King & Megan Tragethon

An invitation to hear people’s personal stories of where they’ve come from and what they’ve experienced living in the United States with refugee status.
Welcoming Refugees Locally

Megan Tragethon

How do we tangibly show up in the lives of refugee families? Learn what the power of collective and the value of long-term presence can do.
Sexual Integrity in Mission
(Capacity: 40)
Unexpected Pressures

Don Johnson

Moral integrity is often harder to maintain on the mission field than at home. We’ll discuss some reasons for that and what churches and missionaries can do to deal with it.
Before You Go

John Fort

Missionaries often find it harder to maintain moral purity on the field than at home. Learn the preparation your family needs to take in order to guard against failure of integrity.
Family Safeguards on the Field

John Fort

Learn specific safeguards families and single adults can take on the field to help them navigate the pressures around them. We will include safeguards for adults and children.
Failure & Restoration

Gigi Hopkins

Even when prepared, moral failures sometimes happen. How do we best respond to moral failures in missionary families and assist each member of the family to heal?
Short-Term Mission (STM)
(Capacity: 32)
Raising Support for STM Trips: How to Make It Part of Your Ministry

Tory Ruark

Many people view raising support as a dreaded necessary step if they want to serve, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to raise support joyously and make it a ministry.
Screening & Vetting to Avoid Screaming & Venting

Don Johnson

Contrary to some popular thinking, not everyone should go on a short-term mission trip. This workshop will help you develop a structure for selecting your STM applicants.
Applying Innovation: How to Better Support Vulnerable Children

Megan Pratt

Many Christians visit orphanages on short-term mission trips. Yet, increasing awareness of the risks, coupled with scripture, compels us to rethink how trips can better support vulnerable children.
Follow-Through for Mid-Termers & Individuals

Brian Heerwagen

Explore the nuances of missions 1 mo-3 yrs in length and consider strategies for follow-through. Help develop new resources for this important growing segment of missions!
Storying the Bible
(Capacity: 25)
Jesus Calms the Storm

Jerry Wiles

Reaching people in their “storms of life” questions. Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. Introduction to Orality. 
The Blind Beggar

Jerry Wiles

Bartimaeus & our spiritual blindness. Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts.  Introduction to Orality.
The Woman at the Well

Jerry Wiles

The Samaritan woman and our identity in God’s eyes. Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. Introduction to Orality. 
Multiple Applications of Orality Methods; Q & A

Jerry Wiles

Come learn and ask questions… from an introduction to Storying to advanced disciple making applications in local contexts (1st nation, refugee, prisons, arts, culture etc)
Teaching English in Missions
(Capacity: 25)
Teaching English as Ministry, Locally & Globally

Michael Bess

TESOL gives you access to people and places that are otherwise “closed” to missionaries. Explore training options, plus opportunities for service here and around the globe.
TESOL: Sharing the Good News Innovatively & Creatively

James Taylor

This interactive workshop will explore various ways of sharing the power and beauty of Jesus, such as storytelling, discussing current issues, and giving personal testimonies.
TESOL & Mission:  Opportunity & Caution

Kristyn Kidney

Teaching English can be a pathway to build relationships, meet needs, and serve people.  Explore both the great opportunities and cautions in combining TESOL with mission.
“Teacher!  Teacher!”  Getting Off the Hot Seat Gracefully

Michael Bess

What you should do, and why it matters, when your ESL students ask questions you can’t answer. How your perceived ability as a teacher and credibility as a witness are linked.

Tough Mission Questions
(Capacity: 50)
Depression: Is God Disqualifying Me from Missions?

Janet Gassman

Depression, Sadness, Loss, Disappointment, Grief.   Should gospel workers, convinced of the sovereignty of God, be immune to emotional health issues?
One Choice: When Faith is Under Fire

Robert Brock

We learn from the examples and endurance of our persecuted brethren in the world as we face our own trials. Be inspired by those willing to give all for the sake of the Gospel.
Is Allah God? Translation Issues in Muslim Areas


There are still many Muslim majority languages in the world that have little or no scriptures. Some translation issues arise that have no easy answers.  Let’s discuss those!
Acts 15- Do Gentiles Need to Become Jews to Follow Jesus?

Jim Stevens

We will discuss the implications of this question and the scriptures around contextualization in missions today.